Messaging channels

Amazon Pinpoint helps you engage with your customers through SMS, push notifications, in-app messaging, and email.


Amazon Pinpoint SMS is a cloud-based application-to-person (A2P) text messaging offering that provides a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable way for businesses to connect with their customers through SMS. Send text messages with Pinpoint SMS using its dedicated tools, SDK, and console.

With Amazon Pinpoint SMS, senders can:

  • Manage global scale and high throughput: Send SMS messages to customers in over 240 countries with a variety of supported sender types. How to manage global sending
  • Create resiliency: Use phone pools to seamlessly manage all your sending resources in one place and send messages with failover capabilities. Learn about phone pools
  • Self-service registration: Register and request various sender types directly in the Pinpoint SMS console including US 10DLC and toll-free numbers. How to register numbers
  • Integrate SMS messaging into your apps and workflows: Stream SMS events to CloudWatch for monitoring, Kinesis for analytics, and SNS to fan out SMS event data to any system you choose. Learn about configuration sets
  • Send and receive messages with two-way SMS: With Amazon Pinpoint SMS, you can enable two-way messaging allowing your customers to send messages with an automatically triggered response.  Learn about two-way SMS 
  • Test SMS sending: Use the SMS simulator in the Amazon Pinpoint SMS console to get setup quickly and start testing sending in a matter of minutes. How to test messages
  • Control which countries you send to: Use country rules to allow or block SMS delivery on a per-country basis. Learn about country rules
  • Send outbound MMS: Elevate customer engagement with Amazon Pinpoint's multimedia messaging service (MMS), enabling seamless delivery of outbound rich media content such as images, audio, and videos. Learn about MMS

Push notifications

Push notifications alert an app or website user to news, updates, or useful information through messages on a device’s home screen or lock screen. Amazon Pinpoint supports the following channels: Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Apple Push Notification Service (APNs), Baidu Cloud Push, and Amazon Device Messaging (ADM).

In-app messaging

Send targeted messages to users inside your applications. Amazon Pinpoint in-app messages are highly customizable and have configurable background and text colors, text positioning, and custom buttons and images. Use in-app messages to notify your users of news, updates, or useful information inside your app or website.


Amazon Pinpoint connects with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send email.

Learn more about how to configure emails here

Campaign orchestration

Amazon Pinpoint’s campaign orchestration tools serve as your communication hub, bringing together your channels, segments, personalization, and campaigns and journeys into a single tool. Create engaging customer experiences based on your customer data from one central place.

Get started with campaign orchestration here

Audience segmentation

You can create segments based on either real-time data or static lists. Dynamic segments use real-time customer attributes, which ensures your data is always up to date — including results from previous campaigns. You can also create static segments by importing CSV or JSON files that contain existing first- or third-party customer data.

Templates and personalization

Create content that drives results. Create reusable content templates across all Pinpoint projects. Use attributes like name for basic personalization, or drive more dynamic content by integrating your templates with ML data models using Amazon Personalize. Amazon Personalize integrates real-time personalization and recommendation data natively in Amazon Pinpoint.


Amazon Pinpoint campaigns allow you to create and execute omnichannel communications when your customers perform specific actions. Build campaigns to serve static or dynamic customer segments, then send personalized messages in real-time through channels like SMS, push notifications, and email when customers complete an action, like checking out, abandoning a cart, or signing up for marketing communications.


With Amazon Pinpoint journeys, you can create multi-step campaigns for your customers. Build journeys with multiple touchpoints, and target customers with specific communications based on their actions.


Web and mobile analytics

Understanding how your customers use your mobile and web applications is critical to improving your customer communications efforts and your products. Amazon Pinpoint collects usage attributes and metrics to help you identify trends in how customers are interacting with your applications. You can use this data to create both dynamic and static segments and take action in a campaign.

Transactional analytics and campaign results

Amazon Pinpoint offers rich analytics related to the performance of your communications. Metrics like open rates, clicks, etc., on your campaigns and transactional messages allow you to understand historical trends and identify areas of improvement.


The deliverability dashboard helps you identify and address issues that could impact the delivery of the emails that you send. Increase the chances that the emails you send arrive in your customers' inboxes, instead of their junk mail folders.

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