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Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mRNA has become a household name, associated with saving lives and returning society back to its norm. This session takes us through how Moderna built its technology that made the vaccine — a fundamental shift in the world of drug development.

In a pandemic, speed to market matters and Moderna was able to complete the sequence for its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in just 2 days using machine learning built on AWS. The first clinical batch was released just 25 days later. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms enable drug development from rapid experimentation cycles to help design mRNA and DNA sequences to the automation of quality control analyses, saving hours of manual review of improvements across production processes and logistics. mRNA science has applicability beyond just one application, and Moderna is rapidly expanding into other infectious disease targets and modalities like oncology and autoimmune disease—using the flexible, programmable nature of mRNA, powered by machine learning, to revolutionize how diseases are treated.

It's really this flexible, programmable nature of mRNA, combined with Moderna's digital landscape and our platform approach that we believe could truly revolutionize the way diseases are treated."
Dave Johnson, PhD
VP, informatics, Data Science and AI Moderna

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