"2nd Watch assists enterprise customers in building, deploying and managing AWS-based IT operations. We help our customers by evaluating the economics of migrating IT operations into AWS, designing and building highly reliable AWS-based platforms, and providing software tools and management services that enable enterprises to deploy, manage and optimize IT operations infrastructure.

2nd Watch is an APN Premier Consulting Partner and has effectively moved over 2MW of enterprise data center capacity to AWS as part of 300+ platform and data center migrations."

"Redshift gives our customers a huge advantage over the competition by improving query performance on datasets of any size and significantly reducing implementation and ongoing management costs without compromising security standards. With Redshift we’re able to provide our customers impressive data loading throughput, allowing ETL workloads previously unattainable with most conventional platforms. Redshift is a truly elastic cloud resource, enabling low-friction scaling and DR options.”

Liberty Lake, WA

Seattle, WA

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Jeff Aden

EVP, Strategic Business Development

"With Amazon Redshift we help customers quickly implement highly scalable data warehouse and big data analytics applications. We develop best-practice recommendations specific to customers’ applications and support team requirements and are able to integrate ETL orchestration applications with diverse cloud and on-premise data sources. Thanks to Redshift, we can help customers design and tune schema and data models to fully leverage the platform."