Amazon Lightsail customers

  • AcCentric Solutions

    By using Amazon Lightsail, we can innovate quickly and cost effectively with a small IT staff while managing our customer’s small business environment. We migrated our customer from an on-premises environment due to a ransomware attack. On Amazon Lightsail, we have we spun up 7 mostly large Windows instances to run a Webserver, Dev/Test environments, custom manufacturing, and accounting applications leveraging predictable pricing. As we continue to grow, we are looking to expand into broader AWS services, like customized networking and security.

    Neeraj Chand, Director of Information Technology - AcCentric Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Bilai

    Bilai is a gaming platform located in China. Bilai’s customers are located in China and use its gaming platform to connect with players around the world. The company uses Lightsail to host their platform and accelerate service to their customers as their customers connect with gaming servers around the world. Bilai is able to use Lightsail’s global network to speed up and enhance their customers’ experience while not worrying about costs with Lightsail’s low and predictable pricing.

    We enjoy hosting our gaming services on Amazon Lightsail not only for its ease of use and low-cost, predictable pricing, but also because it is built on the AWS platform. So, our customers can enjoy playing games with each other across the world with low latency, which provides a great customer experience.

    Xiang Hu, CEO - Bilai
  • Consortra Translations

    Consortra Translations is a legal foreign language translation company. Consortra’s Language Lock translation workflow platform is customizable to any case size, language, or geographical data requirement. The Consortra team used Amazon Lightsail to get started with AWS and to host their Language Lock front-end application due to its ease of use and low, predictable cost. Throughout the past year, as many organizations were hit with COVID including Consortra, they turned to AWS and expanded into other services such as Amazon Workspaces and Amazon S3. This allowed Consortra to continue operations through a fully managed, persistent desktop virtualization service that enables their users to access data, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

    We service the AM Law 200 firms for legal translation services and we need a platform that provides security, availability, and simplicity for our customers. We turned to Amazon Lightsail to get started with our cloud journey as it is easy to use and the costs are predictable. As we were hit with the COVID-impact, we had to enable remote working capabilities. Since we chose AWS as our cloud platform, we sought services to help remote workers stay connected. We expanded beyond Amazon Lightsail and leveraged Amazon Workspaces and Amazon S3 to keep our business operational in a distributed environment. We have offices in Houston, Boston, San Francisco, and London and AWS provides global availability, which is key for our business long term. In the future as we take on new projects, we will continue to leverage AWS services as it meets our business requirements and enables us to collaborate with our customers. We would recommend Amazon Lightsail as an easy, secure, and cost-effective way to get started with AWS.

    Jayson Griffin, Director of IT - Consortra Translations
  • Diversa Tecnologia

    We migrated 20+ customers of our VoIP SaaS platform to Amazon Lightsail, saving over 40% compared to our previous provider. Our customers now benefit from VoIP cost predictability thanks to Lightsail pricing. New customers are implemented in 15 minutes, which used to take up to 8 hours. Our VoIP specialized technicians are now empowered to manage the cloud environment due to Lightsail's panel intuitivity, allowing our cloud architects to focus on where their skills impact the most. This success brought us new ideas where we could leverage Amazon Lightsail, such as the possibility to make digital education solutions more affordable.

    Willian Matiello, Chief Technology Officer - Diversa Tecnologia
  • Gossh

    Gossh is an easy website builder service based in the United Kingdom. They set out to connect people with what matters most — the experience. Gossh creates reliable, secure professional websites, online stores, or portfolio sites. They chose Amazon Lightsail as the perfect solution for building their website solution on due to ease of use, predictable pricing, and simple scalability. Gossh’s solution runs on top of WordPress and Lightsail instances to provide a simple interface for their customers.

    I started Gossh because we found that small businesses struggle with creating an online presence due to costs and complexity of the available solutions. There are some web hosting solutions that are simple to use but they tend to lock in small businesses to their solution, so if you decided to move to another provider, it’s not always possible. I wanted Gossh to be different and that’s why I chose Amazon Lightsail because it provided me with the flexiblity, scalability, and simple interface to create my solution. Now my customers can get started in minutes and run their website on a reliable platform. Finding Lightsail has been a real life saver. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to get started with the cloud and doesn’t have the technical background. Lightsail also allows you to leverage other AWS services as my business grows.

    Bjorn Jansen, Founder and Owner - Gossh
  • Jane Franklin Dance

    Jane Franklin Dance is a small business that makes dance accessible to a wide range of audiences through public performance, dance education, community engagement and collaborations with artists from other disciplines. Jane Franklin Dance had to quickly pivot because of the pandemic and provide a better online site for their customers. Jane Franklin Dance partnered with Arlington Economic Development (AED) and Nub8 to create a more responsive and reliable web experience for their customers. They choose to utilize Amazon Lightsail for the low predictable hosting costs for their WordPress website.

    We were unhappy with our existing online presence and as the pandemic hit we needed to make changes. We wanted to update the website and provide a customer experience that was more appealing and user-friendly. We found AED and Nub8 to be great partners in providing an affordable website solution our customers enjoy. Amazon Lightsail in particular provides a highly reliable site that keeps our business running, so we can focus on making dance accessible to our audience. As a small business we would recommend partnering with Nub8 and Amazon Lightsail to get started fast on a reliable cloud platform.

    Jane Franklin, Owner - Jane Franklin Dance
  • Mukesh’s Tech Space

    Mukesh’s Tech Space is a channel that guides users through the process of setting up a website hosting solution for their next big website or web app. Mukesh posts how-to tutorials and tips for beginners and intermediate users on Amazon Lightsail and the broader AWS platform among other solutions. He started with Amazon Lightsail as it’s a low cost and easy to manage compute solution for his core customers and viewers.

    I been focused on web development and in particular WordPress for several years working on side projects and hobbies. I often get asked by people, many who run small businesses, on the best way to host websites and love recommending Amazon Lightsail as it’s an easy way to setup a WordPress site for a low, predictable price. To help reach a wider audience and help those that are new to hosting, I’ve put together web hosting solutions and posted them on my YouTube channel. These solutions cover multiple AWS services (e.g., Lightsail, Route53, SES, S3, CDN) focused on solving small business challenges. I chose Amazon Lightsail because small businesses don’t always have the technical expertise to get started, and have limited budgets. Lightsail is a great way to get comfortable with the cloud and expand to other AWS services once you are ready.

    Mukesh Wani, Founder - Mukesh’s Tech Space
  • Nub8

    Nub8 is a cloud engineering company that built a cloud environment for Gourmeat, a boutique meat company, on Amazon Lightsail. With the help of Lightsail, Gourmeat was able to focus on their clients and their clients’ needs rather than internal manual processes.

    Watch how Gourmeat improves internal processes with Amazon Lightsail

    Gourmet uses Amazon Lightsail as their main service to spin up development environments, and to host an inventory management web application.

    Federico Decia, Co-founder and CEO - Nub8
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  • Phoenix Publishing House

    Phoenix Publishing House (PPH) is a Filipino-first content provider of curriculum-aligned textbooks and other educational resources for private schools in the Philippines. PPH is one of the top publishers in the country, and has a Technology Team that is able to scale their digital content by using Lightsail.   

    We are pioneers in developing educational and teaching resources for effective teaching and learning. We migrated our digital content and platform onto AWS in 2020, and chose Amazon Lightsail as our primary cloud host because it is easy to use and its predictable and affordable pricing made it a very compelling choice. We run learning management systems (LMS) for our customer schools, mostly on T2 instance types for its cost-efficiency during staging. As those customers’ needs scale and move into production, we are able to easily migrate them to compute and memory-optimized instances on Amazon EC2. We are impressed with the versatility that Amazon offers in terms of Lightsail and EC2 and would recommend others to seriously consider them.

    Dewey Pallasigue, Chief Technology Officer - Phoenix Publishing House, Inc.
  • Rice University

    Rice University Center for Research Computing (CRC) works to meet Rice community members’ research needs with specialized computing resources and services. CRC assists researchers in planning their use of research computing resources and executing on their plans. They consult on grants, support the use of specialized software and systems, incubate projects, and run public and custom workshops on research computing topics such as parallelization, virtualization, and cloud migration. CRC recently used Amazon Lightsail to deploy a customized application called Omeka-S as a content management system.

    We help researchers with a wide range of computing resources from on-premises to cloud computing. We turned to Amazon Lightsail for running Omeka, a content management system used by researchers, as it’s very easy to set up, requires minimal effort to maintain, and is great for simple web application projects. We got our our web application up and running the same day we opened an AWS billing account for our client. It leaves our options open for scaling up or connecting to other cloud services as needed, if the project grows quickly. We are already considering moving additional web applications over to Amazon Lightsail as it offers pre-built blueprints such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and others. Amazon Lightsail is an easy, secure, and cost-effective way to get started with AWS.

    John Mulligan, Humanities Computing Researcher/Facilitator - Rice University Center for Research Computing
  • SP+

    The tools available to us via Amazon Lightsail help us capture useful data used to understand a client’s parking customers and tailor our services to optimize performance and capabilities to fit each location.

    Chris Ratliff, Senior Vice President, Digital Information & Technology - SP+
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  • Truck Lagbe

    We are a startup that was looking for a reliable, secure, and global platform to develop our online truck rental service. We migrated our entire platform to Amazon Lightsail from another cloud provider in 2019 because it's a VPS provider and globally available. We currently host our platform that includes frontend applications, web services, databases in the Singapore Region, which results in low web application latencies and a great customer experience. As our workloads scale, we are considering VPC peering from Amazon Lightsail to EC2. It is great to know that we can take full advantage of the hundreds of AWS services migrating from existing instance to EC2 via VPC peering. We highly recommend Amazon Lightsail as a cost-effective, secure, and easy way to get started with AWS.

    Minhazur Rahman, Chief Technology Officer - Truck Lagbe
  • Vocareum

    Education technology company Vocareum provides its customers with the option of using Amazon Lightsail to spin up new test environments quickly and cost efficiently. The cloud-native company was built on AWS and provides a variety of AWS solutions to educational institutions as part of its digital-learning platform. Instructors wanted a simpler way to deploy sandbox environments where their students could practice cloud skills. By offering Amazon Lightsail, Vocareum empowers its customers to scale their resources with predictable, low pricing and better serve their students with hands-on learning experiences. Today, 50,000 students use Amazon Lightsail through Vocareum.

    What’s great about being built on AWS is that our company can offer a broad and growing range of labs to support the learning community.

    David Lin, Vice President of Business Development - Vocareum
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