Palo Alto Networks Evident

API-driven cloud service that integrates with DevOps, SecOps, and risk/compliance tools

Although DevOps teams within financial institutions are eager to harness cloud to accelerate delivery of apps and services, their legacy security tools can’t keep pace. What’s needed is a more complete, automated, and frictionless approach to securing public cloud deployments and validating compliance, including documentation for auditors.

Evident from Palo Alto Networks integrates DevOps, SecOps, and risk and compliance tools and runs on AWS. Evident helps identify and classify data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets to assess data exposure risks and automatically remediate policy violations as soon as they occur. Evident enhances the speed, scale, and efficiency of public cloud security monitoring and compliance validation for financial institutions. Evident is fast enough to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of DevOps, security operations, and compliance teams. It delivers a uniquely effective combination of continuous security monitoring; compliance validation and reporting to meet various regulatory requirements such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Center for Internet Security (CIS), General Data Protection Regulation; and comprehensive storage security. Now teams can confidently develop and deploy new applications in the cloud faster, simplify security operations, and continuously validate infrastructure compliance.

Palo Alto Networks is an AWS Competency Partner for Security and Networking Technology.

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    Solution highlights: ­ ­

    • ­Cloud security at the speed of DevOps
    • ­Continuous state of compliance
    • ­One-click compliance reports
    • ­Confidence that cloud applications are configured to organizational security requirements
    • Frictionless approach to cloud security


    Key features:

    • ­Secure collection of data on AWS via read-only access of the cloud API control plane
    • Analysis and prioritization of risks and policy violations
    • ­Automated compliance audits and customizable one-click compliance reports
    • Auto-remediation of publicly exposed data and quarantine malware in Amazon S3 buckets


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    As financial institutions embrace public cloud for competitive advantages and cost efficiencies, they look to Palo Alto Networks to secure the targeted workloads. Addressing security and compliance in the cloud requires a rigorous and continuous approach that ensures risks are identified and controlled with speed. Palo Alto Networks® Evident provides continuous security of public cloud infrastructure services, enabling confidence in application deployment that configuration meets organizational security requirements.

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