Splunk for Financial Services on AWS

Gain real-time insights to improve customer experience, security, and transaction processing

Connected by a sophisticated network of electronic systems, retail banks, investment banks and insurance companies generate terabytes of machine data every day from high-volume activities like trading, payment or claims processing and multi-channel banking. Splunk software collects and analyzes any type of machine-generated data, including data from legacy banking systems and state-of-the-art mobile applications, so financial institutions can gain visibility across complex, global operations. 

Splunk is an AWS Big Data, DevOps, Security, and IoT Competency Partner.

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    Splunk’s real-time architecture, ability to apply schema to unstructured data upon ingest, fast-time to value, and ability to scale from desktop to the most complex data centers or cloud environments differentiates Splunk to our 15,000+ customers. These differentiators lead to real business impact - saving customers time when resolving an issue and improving user experience, yielding cost savings and greater productivity - so the customer can focus on innovating, rather than keeping the lights on.

    Solution highlights:

    IT Operations

    • ­Use machine data for operational insights and analytics
    • Reduce IT costs and complexity
    • Improve and maximize employee productivity
    • Identify and fix service problems for a better user experience
    • Gain end-to-end insights critical to the business
    Application Management
    • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) from a few days to a few minutes
    • Proactively alert and notify for rapid problem detection and resolution
    • Index any form of machine data and analyze application and system performance
    • Gain insights on end-user transactions from multiple points of view
    • Empower stakeholders to gain insights and make better business and technology decisions
    • Deliver end-to-end visibility across every DevOps tool chain component
    • Use objective metrics to ensure code is operational and meets quality SLAs
    • Correlate business metrics with code changes to gain new business insights
    • Help break down siloes between different banking IT departments 

    Key Features 

    Performance Monitoring

    • Manage complex IT infrastructure, including legacy systems and applications
    • Establish performance baseline and uncover critical problems
    • Increase customer satisfaction with reliable performance
    • End-to-end visibility across AWS environment
    • Move critical workloads to the cloud with agility and speed

    Security and Fraud Detection

    • Gain insights that mitigate risk and support range of security use cases
    • Identify and investigate anomalies in user behavior and patterns to detect account takeover and fraud
    • Monitor the security, access, inventory and configuration of AWS environment

    Regulatory Compliance

    • Index and monitor to comply with local, state, federal and international regulations, including Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), GLBA and PCI
    • Rapidly retrieve log data and generate reports for auditor requests
    • Improve log review controls to help lower operational and security risks
    • Leverage AWS capabilities to more rapidly uncover compliance violations, outliers, and anomalies in real-time to better ensure regulatory compliance

    Customer Experience

    • Understand how customers are using features and services on different channels
    • Proactively discover and resolve issues to increase customer satisfaction
    • Get visibility from data generated across millions of events to find, troubleshoot, and fix issues fast
    • View AWS utilization metrics, visualize AWS environment, and uncover business insights and improve customer experience quickly and reliably

    Transaction Monitoring

    • Gain end-to-end visibility by analyzing data from every application and system that a transaction touches
    • Identify transaction bottlenecks or error locations to rapidly address performance issues
    • Leverage predictive analytics to gain real-time visibility into transactions and services

    AWS Big Data Competency Partners deliver security monitoring, IT Monitoring, and DevOps implementations. These partners integrate relevant AWS services and accelerate the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed in collaboration with Splunk, an AWS Partner with 6 competencies including Security and Big Data.

  • Launch
  • Launch

    You can launch Splunk on AWS by utilizing a AWS Quick Start. AWS CloudFormation templates make deployment quick and simple—and templates can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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  • Purchase

    Splunk is available on AWS Marketplace. For more information click on the link below the image.  

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