Easy Airflow deployment

Managed Workflows leverage the same open source Apache Airflow product you know, just made easier. You can deploy Managed Workflows from AWS Management Console, CLI, AWS CloudFormation, or AWS SDK - and leverage the same Airflow user experience you’re familiar with.

Automatic scaling

With Managed Workflows, there’s seamless worker scaling with no configuration required. Worker monitoring is built in - when workers are over-burdened, additional workers are provisioned automatically, and then decommissioned when no longer needed.

Built-in security

Managed Workflows keep your data secure using Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and data is automatically encrypted using AWS Key Management Service (KMS), so your workflow environment is secure by default.

Workflow monitoring in AWS or on-premises

Managed Workflows automatically sends Apache Airflow system metrics and logs to Amazon Cloudwatch, making it easier for you to view task execution delays and workflow errors across one or more environments without third party tools.

Low operational costs

Managed Workflows remove the operational load of running open source Apache Airflow at scale so you can reduce operational costs and engineering overhead while running a data pipeline orchestration at nearly any scale.

Plug-in integration

Managed Workflows connect to the AWS resources required for your workflows including Athena, Batch, Cloudwatch, DynamoDB, DataSync, EMR, ECS/Fargate, EKS, Firehose, Glue, Lambda, Redshift, SQS, SNS, Sagemaker, and S3. You can use Managed Workflows to connect to your own on-premises resources.

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