Global Partners

Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security offers global consultative services to help implement and manage the suite of AWS Edge Security Services including AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF), and AWS Firewall Manager to protect AWS resources such as Elastic IP, Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Amazon CloudFront, AWS Global Accelerator, and Amazon Route 53 from application threats like Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), SQL Injection, and Cross-Site Scripting. Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security offers extended visibility and access to a dedicated pod of cloud security experts, including pod members who have been trained and are directly supported by the AWS Shield Response Team (SRT).

North American Partners


stackArmor is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specializing in delivering FedRAMP, FISMA, and CMMC compliance solutions. stackArmor provides AWS security and compliance services including penetration testing, managed services, and managed security services to government agencies, commercial organizations, public sector organizations, healthcare companies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Their certified AWS Solution Architects and Managed Services Engineers provide AWS hosting and security services in compliance with NIST, FedRAMP, FFIEC, HIPAA, ISO 27001, 800-171, and FISMA standards.

Asia Pacific Partners

Bespin Global
Bespin Global

Bespin Global offers multiple security offerings including security configuration evaluation, managed security policy, and cloud threat visualization services. Bespin can quickly analyze the customer's infrastructure configuration issues, and provide the most efficient and safe security configuration for DDoS and application protection. In addition to the default security policy from AWS, Bespin can provide a managed policy service so that additional corporate security policies can be developed and applied through real-time traffic analysis and data protection policies tailored to each application. Bespin provides cloud native security policies through detailed analysis of alerts detected by AWS security functions, and provides dashboards and reports tailored to customers' security control needs by continuously visualizing alert information on traffic and attacks.


eCloudvalley is an AWS Premier Partner and AWS certified Managed Service Provider. eCloudvalley's E-SHIELD is a comprehensive service that provides support for AWS Shield Advanced. It delivers secure and dynamically scalable operations for the customer’s security profile and enables faster detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities and attacks on the customer’s AWS services.

Mega Cloud
Megazone Cloud

Megazone Cloud is a Managed Service Provider Partner in Korea supporting all segments of customers to adopt cloud services. Megazone Cloud also provides technical advice on Cloud Native-Security Service through real time threat information analysis and experience from configuring various customers' cloud security environments. When required, Megazone Cloud also offers 24x7x365 stable security control and monitoring services. Special offers from Megazone's managed security service include supporting the establishment of a defense system through AWS Shield and WAF as well as a security control service that remotely monitors, analyzes, and responds to threats by CERT professionals in Megazone Cloud.

SK Shieldus Security offerings

SK shieldus is a company providing professional services for security, which is the most important factor when choosing cloud services in various industrial sectors such as Finance, Public, and Enterprise. They offer cloud secuirty, cloud security system integration and implementation service, cloud managed security services, and specialized security services.

Japan Partners


In 1995, when the internet was little more than the domain of few technicians, LAC took the initiative among Japanese corporations in providing information security services. Since then, it has consistently endeavored to bolster and develop the information security field. The favorable reception of these steady efforts has led to LAC being invited by government agencies to provide support for security measures. LAC supports today's advanced IT society in its role as industry leader.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa Partners


As an AWS Premier Consulting and Audited MSP Partner, AllCloud accelerates innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from cloud technology. Supported by a robust ecosystem of technology partners, proven methodologies, and well-documented best practices, AllCloud elevates its customers by achieving operational excellence on the cloud, at every milestone of their journey.


As an AWS Managed Service Provider specializing in DevOps, Cybercom helps you utilize AWS in an efficient and flexible manner with the full life-cycle approach. Cybercom helps you design your cloud journey, maintain your accounts, and provides assistance with over 100 certified AWS experts. Support for AWS includes AWS skilled 24/7 Managed Operations and local AWS competence as a single packaged solution.

Enimbos Global Services

Enimbos is a technological company that offers the control, optimization, and support in the migration process to the cloud for any type of business, always optimizing resources and facilitating the management and operation. The solutions that Enimbos offers are based on the following offering: Cloud Managed Services, Business Continuity, Consulting Services, and DevOps solutions competencies.


Redcentric is a managed IT service provider that help organisations succeed. Redcentric’s AWS consulting services span the complete cloud lifecycle from AWS Well Architected reviews, building tailored environments, on-going management and optimisation of your AWS workloads to help you realise significant cost savings, improve the performance of your applications and eliminate security risks.

Latin American Partners


Criptonube is an AWS Consulting Advanced Partner with more than seven years of experience in the cloud. Its team advises you on your migration to AWS, providing you support and expertise in the process. Criptonube is specialized in multiple AWS services and competencies, and programs like Well Architected Framework, Immersion Days, and many others. As an AWS Shield Advanced Partner, Criptonube offers 24x7 managed DDoS, WAF and CDN to commercial and public sector customers in Latin America.

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