Amazon S3 File Gateway

Store and access objects in Amazon S3 from NFS or SMB file data with local caching

Amazon S3 File Gateway seamlessly connects on-premises applications to the cloud to store and access archive repositories, application data, and database backups as durable objects in Amazon S3.

S3 File Gateway is used for on-premises data intensive applications that need file protocol access to objects in S3. 

For online data migrations, you can use AWS DataSync. To migrate data offline, you can use AWS Snow Family.

Cloud Storage in Minutes With AWS Storage Gateway

How it works


Local caching provides low latency access to recently used data.

Maintain standard storage protocols, enabling translation between file and object with a one-to-one mapping rather than proprietary formats.

Optimize data transfers to and from Amazon S3 and reduce egress charges.

Meet security and compliance requirements with audit logs and encryption in transit and at rest.

Use cases

Build data workflows to feed your data lake

Upload data generated on premises to Amazon S3, enabling customers to build data lakes and event driven data processing workflows. With a one-to-one mapping from file to object, you can leverage native AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Athena, and more to run analytics and process the data.

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Processing file upload notifications from AWS Storage Gateway on Amazon S3

Store database backups such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and SAP in Amazon S3

Enable cost effective short and long term retention by storing database backups in Amazon S3 with ability to lifecycle to lower cost storage tiers. You can reduce the need for enterprise backup applications using built in tools such as SQL Server Management Studio and Oracle RMAN.

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Archive repository for cold data such as images and videos in Amazon S3

Infrequently accessed file shares with archive data, allowing you to store petabytes of data and leveraging lower cost S3 storage tiers for cost effective long term retention of data. You can free up capacity in your existing on-premises storage systems and meet compliance and business continuity requirements for data that's generated on premises.

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