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The AWS QnABot is a multi-channel, multi-language conversational chatbot solution, built on Amazon Lex, that responds to your customer’s questions, answers, and feedback. Without programming, the QnABot solution allows customers to quickly deploy self-service conversational AI on multiple channels including their contact centers, web sites, social media channels, SMS text messaging, or Alexa. Customers can configure curated answers to frequently asked questions using an integrated content management system, supporting rich text and rich voice responses optimized for each channel, or they can expand the solution's answer knowledge base to include unstructured documents, PDFs, and existing web page content (via a seamless integration with Amazon Kendra).

The solution supports multiple languages with optional automatic translation of answers to the user’s local language. The QnABot solution can also ask questions making it suitable for quickly building authentication flows, diagnostic workflows, and data capture such as surveys, questionnaires, and decision trees. For more advanced scenarios the QnABot can be extended to integrate with backend systems, supporting data dips for personalized and dynamic responses, and for integrating with CRM and ticketing systems. Integrated user feedback and monitoring provides visibility into customer queries, concerns, sentiment, and facilitates tuning and enriching content. QnABot uses Amazon Lex and can easily be added to existing or new bots to enrich customer experience and reduce call center loads.

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