The AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region

Organizations in South Africa use AWS to dream, build, and grow.

AWS in South Africa

Since 2004, organizations in South Africa have used AWS to build their ideas, improving everyday life for people and communities in the country, throughout the wider African continent, and across the world.

Innovation helps to support the 43 million South Africans who depend on public healthcare with pharmacy dispensing units and smart lockers. Technological creativity enables remote learning and even beats online pirates.

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AWS launches new region in South Africa

Customers innovating with AWS

Watch and learn how these local pioneers are using the AWS Cloud to help them develop innovative solutions for Africa and for the world. Read more on how customers are deepening roots in South Africa's public sector.

Data Science Academy solves real-world problems
Teaching students in South Africa how to solve real-world problems using the latest data science technologies.
Beyond uses cloud technology to monitor vaccine supply chains
Using Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies to remotely monitor temperatures in the vaccine supply chain.
Sentech creates flexible cloud solutions for TV and radio communications
Flexible, cost-efficient cloud solutions for the entire country’s television and radio communications.
Automated Fleet Solutions builds an intelligent public transport system
Building an intelligent public transport system for the Western Cape Provincial Government.
Cellutant offers secure, resilient digital payment platforms
Secure, resilient, digital payment platforms for every sector in Africa’s largest economies.
Tyme Bank migrated its core systems to AWS
Why South Africa’s first digital bank migrated its core systems to AWS.
University of the Witwatersrand provides accessible remote learning with AWS
How WITS University provides accessible remote learning with AWS. delivers a suite of programs to over one million South Africans
Enabling the scalability and reliability to ensure access to their suite of programs for more than one million South Africans a day.
JUMO provides access to information services, financial infrastructure, and products
Creating access to information services, financial infrastructure and products all on one platform.

AWS Partners

Learn more about the AWS Partners that support the AWS Africa (Cape Town) region.