Digitata Networks offers intelligent customer, network and site centric solutions that assist Mobile Network Operators to monitor, audit, control and automate different aspects of their network. Digitata Networks products work across the different technologies and domains within a mobile network.

"Understanding the price for different mobile services across carriers is a key business driver for the Digitata team. We need to identify anomalous prices and monitor the traffic on our network to ensure smooth business operations. With the volume of data that our product processes, detecting anomalies quickly and accurately is paramount. After working with the Amazon Lookout for Metrics team we discovered the improved accuracy and insights that Lookout for Metrics can bring to our existing solution and we are thrilled to use the service. With Lookout for Metrics, we can quickly identify opportunities in addition to finding issues."

Nico Kruger - Chief Technology Officer, Digitata Networks


Playrix is one of the leading mobile game developers in the world with a mission to bring joy to millions of people by creating high quality games like Township, Fishdom, and Gardenscapes.

“We have a lot of different types of data that are ingested and stored in diverse ways. Ensuring that our game systems run smoothly is challenging as there are many moving pieces—operating systems, app installs, ad clicks, user activity, and so much more. Monitoring all of this with manual thresholds is almost impossible to scale and requires a large effort from our teams. We wanted to easily analyze incidents, trigger automated actions to the proper teams when anomalies are found, and visualize the anomaly analysis in a dashboard that is easy to understand. After considering other third-party solutions, we've decided to move forward with Amazon Lookout for Metrics because it fits our infrastructure and our business needs. We have been extremely happy with the results after experimenting with Lookout for Metrics. We experimented with our user acquisition data to understand how the service works. It quickly identified and grouped anomalies enabling us to work faster and better. With Lookout for Metrics, we can quickly detect and analyze anomalies across a variety of data sources, trigger events if anomalies are found, and see the anomalies easily in the AWS console. Lookout for Metrics has saved our team many hours of manual investigation and now notifications are viewed as actionable rather than noise, allowing our teams to easily focus on strategic priorities with less technical overhead.”

Mikhail Artyugin - Technical Director, Playrix


NextRoll is a marketing and data technology company with the mission to provide innovative solutions to companies to keep them growing.

"Working with almost a billion impressions every day to capture insights and intent for our customers, we need quick feedback on real data anomalies. We need a monitoring solution that can alert us to an unexpected change in our metrics but can also intelligently distinguish between hourly, daily and seasonal variations. We evaluated third party providers, but did not move forward based on the level of integration work required and results. After working with the Amazon Lookout for Metrics Team, we saw the improved accuracy that Lookout for Metrics can bring to our existing anomaly detection process and we are thrilled to start using the service.”

Brian Ecker - Sr. Staff Engineer, NextRoll


As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, TensorIoT works with large multi-vendor teams to provide end to end implementation on projects related to IoT, Edge Computing, Machine Learning and Application Development.

"Our customers strive to make insight and data driven decisions while balancing that delicate process with operational throughput. Anomaly detection is a key tool for us to help our customers detect and take actions on potential issues. Amazon Lookout for Metrics will help us deliver faster and more accurate anomaly detection while enabling quicker remediation to our customers."

Charles Burden - Head of Business Development, TensorIoT


Quantiphi is a category defining Applied AI and Machine Learning software and services company focused on helping organizations translate the big promise of Big Data & Machine Learning technologies into quantifiable business impact.

“We help our customers drive value from the data. With insight-driven decision making becoming increasingly crucial, customers are collecting and organizing large datasets more than ever. This has made the identification of anomalies in large datasets a recurring challenge. The existing solutions are hard to set up, lead to alert fatigue, and do not provide the contextual information that makes the alerts immediately actionable. Working with the Amazon Lookout for Metrics team helped us build an anomaly detector with ease and made the anomaly detection actionable. The context and insights that Lookout for Metrics extracts enable our customers to make informed decisions when an anomaly is detected. We look forward to using Lookout for Metrics to help our customers better understand their data.”

Arnav Gupta - AWS Practice Lead, Quantiphi


Provectus is a mid-market focused technology consultancy and solutions provider helping customers use AI to empower business growth and accelerate digital transformation in a fast-paced world.

“At Provectus, we strive to help businesses take their AI initiatives to the next level by using the full stack of available AWS AI/ML services. We recognize the value of Amazon Lookout for Metrics because quickly and accurately identify anomalies remain an issue for many companies in advertising, eCommerce, gaming, and telecom industries. With Lookout for Metrics, we are excited about the possibility to build solutions that detect outliers and anomalies in the real-time data enabling businesses to improve customer experience, sales analytics, and marketing intelligence.”

Stepan Pushkarev - CTO, Provectus

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