AWS Mainframe Modernization

Migrate, modernize, operate, and run mainframe workloads

Migrate and modernize your applications to remove the hardware and staffing costs of traditional mainframes.

Break up and manage your complete migration with infrastructure, software, and tools to refactor and transform legacy applications.

Deploy, run, and operate migrated applications in the Mainframe Modernization environment with no upfront costs.

How it works

AWS Mainframe Modernization is a set of managed tools providing infrastructure and software for migrating, modernizing, and running mainframe applications.
AWS Mainframe Modernization how it works
Introducing AWS Mainframe Modernization (1:27)
What is AWS Mainframe Modernization?
AWS Mainframe Modernization service is a unique platform that allows you to migrate and modernize your on-premises mainframe applications to a cloud native fully-managed runtime environment on AWS.

Use cases

Automated refactor

Automate transforming legacy language applications into agile Java-based services with AWS Blu Age using newer web frameworks and cloud DevOps best practices.

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Migrate COBOL and PL/I applications with the integrated Micro Focus toolchain to preserve the programming language while modernizing infrastructure and processes for agility with cloud DevOps native operations.

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Data replication

Replicate mainframe data to AWS in near real time using AWS Mainframe Modernization Data Replication with Precisely to accelerate application migration, streamline application testing, run analytics, ML, and AI, and enable innovation with new business channels and services.

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File transfer

Transfer mainframe data sets and files with the integrated Model9 solution to accelerate and simplify migration and modernization projects to the AWS Mainframe Modernization service and object storage.

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Analyst recognition

AWS has been recognized as a leader in 2023 ISG Provider Lens Mainframes – Services and Solutions report for Mainframe Application Modernization Software. Get the report.

How to get started

Engage AWS mainframe specialists

Benefit from mainframe modernization experts who will guide you through AWS best practice methodology for automated refactoring or replatforming.

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Accelerate migration with AWS MAP for Mainframe

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Mainframe offers comprehensive migration support based on experience with thousands of enterprise customers.

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Meet Mainframe Modernization Competency Partners

The Mainframe Competency recognizes AWS Partners with proven technology, mature practices, and customer success, migrating both mainframe applications and data to AWS.

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