AWS Mainframe Modernization (Preview)

Migrate, modernize, operate, and run mainframe workloads

Easily migrate and modernize your applications to eliminate the hardware and staffing costs of traditional mainframes.

Break up and manage your end-to-end migration with infrastructure, software, and tools to refactor and transform legacy applications.

Deploy, run, and operate migrated applications in the Mainframe Modernization environment with no upfront costs.

How it works

AWS Mainframe Modernization (Preview) is a set of managed tools providing infrastructure and software for migrating, modernizing, and executing mainframe applications.
AWS Mainframe Modernization how it works
Introducing AWS Mainframe Modernization | Amazon Web Services
What is AWS Mainframe Modernization?
AWS Mainframe Modernization is a unique platform that allows you to migrate your on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS. Mainframe Modernization enables two popular migration patterns: replatforming and automated refactoring.

Use cases

Migrate mainframe workloads

Migrate faster by refactoring legacy language applications to Java-based services, or re-platforming mainframe applications.

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Create a migration plan

Assess your migration readiness and develop a clear strategy for legacy workloads using call graphs, dependency maps, and source searching.

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Scale DevOps best practices

Maintain, enhance, execute, and operate enterprise applications following DevOps best practices and reduce time-to-market.

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How to get started

Accelerate migration with AWS MAP for Mainframe

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program for Mainframe (MAP) offers comprehensive migration support based on experience with thousands of enterprise customers.

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Track progress with AWS Migration Hub

Track application migration progress across multiple AWS Partners and solutions from a single location, and receive modernization strategy recommendations.

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Engage Mainframe Migration Competency Partners

Take advantage of AWS Partners with in-depth  Mainframe Modernization knowledge.

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