AWS Mainframe Modernization Capabilities

Which transformation pattern fits your business need?

The AWS Mainframe Modernization service provides migration and modernization capabilities for the two most popular patterns for mainframe application transformation: Automated Refactoring and Replatforming. Choosing between approaches and patterns requires a thorough understanding of the pros and cons applied to the specific context of a mainframe application and business goals. There is no one-size-fits-all and decisions need to be made per application, with possibly different patterns applied to different applications within the same mainframe. Each pattern has its own differentiated value proposition, within the AWS Mainframe Modernization service.

The Automated Refactoring pattern, powered by AWS Blu Age, is focused on accelerating modernization by converting the complete legacy application stack and its data layer into a modern Java-based application while preserving functional equivalence. During this automated transformation, it creates a multi-tier application with an Angular-based front-end, an API-enabled Java backend and a data layer accessing modern data stores. The refactoring process provides equivalent functionality to the legacy stack to increase project automation resulting in speed, quality, and lower cost for achieving business benefits quicker. Learn more about Automated Refactoring powered by AWS Blu Age.

The Replatforming pattern, powered by Micro Focus Enterprise suite, is focused on preserving the application language, code, and artifacts in order to minimize the impact to the application assets and teams. It helps customers maintain the application knowledge and skills. While the application changes are limited, this pattern also facilitates a modernization of the infrastructure and the processes. The infrastructure is changed to a modern cloud-based managed service while the processes are changed to follow best practices for application development and IT operations. Learn more about Replatforming powered by Micro Focus.

For both patterns, the AWS Mainframe Modernization service provides the tools and a resilient managed service with on-demand resources, elastic scalability, high-availability, extensive automation and DevOps best practices for efficient maintenance and operations. This managed service is a technical offering including extensive automation and simplified interfaces for efficient operation.

It is recommended that you follow this process to engage AWS mainframe specialists to learn more about the specifics of each pattern, evaluate how they apply to your particular application context, and the benefits they deliver for achieving your business goals.

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