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Product Overview

Infinit.e is the first Open Source document analysis cloud platform for collecting, storing, processing, retrieving, analyzing, and visualizing unstructured and structured data sources. This native EC2 cloud-based platform has been built from the ground up using open source technologies and architected for plug-and-play with additional data sources, extraction engines and visualization widgets providing our customers the flexibility, adaptability and enablement for today's complex analysis environment. Infinit.e is preconfigured with an initial data set and Amazon EC2 simplifies the deployment and management saving you time and cost of using open source software.

m1.small - Only recommended for quick evaluation. Importing of new sources is soft-disabled, there is some pre-loaded data to play with. It may be possible to harvest new data, but it is not recommended.

m1.medium - The smallest platform that is fully functional out of the box. It is not recommended to import more than 100,000 documents into this instance, and m1.large will be noticeably faster regardless of dataset size.

m1.large - For medium-sized datasets. Should work fine up to about 500,000 documents. Suitable for evaluation, development and prototyping, data-driven analysis, and non-critical operational deployments.

m1.xlarge - For larger datasets and fastest searching and retrieval. Should work fine up to about 2M documents.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2012.09

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