MariaDB 10.0.10 on Ubuntu 14.04

A basic install of MariaDB 10.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. MariaDB is an enhanced replacement for MySQL. See for more information.

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    Operating System

    Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 14.04

    Delivery Method

    64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (Read more)

    AWS Services Required

    Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS


    • Ready to go.
    • Works on AWS free tier.
    • Full version of MariaDB direct from the developers.

    Product Description

    A basic install of MariaDB 10.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. MariaDB is an enhanced replacement for MySQL. See for more information.

    Product Details

    • Version: 10.0.10*
    • Available on AWS Marketplace Since: 06/18/2014


    Usage Instructions

    1) Once the instance is running, ssh to it using the public DNS. 2) Use the ubuntu user to login.3) Run the following command to set the MariaDB root user password and apply a basic configuration: sudo mysql_secure_installation4) For further information, visit the MariaDB Knowledge Base here: ...

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    MariaDB 10.0.10 on Ubuntu 14.04

    Many support offerings available.

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    Refund Policy

    This MariaDB AMI is free, so there is no refund to give and you can stop using it whenever you want.

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