Apache NiFi provided by BatchIQ

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Apache NiFi provided by BatchIQ

Product Overview

Apache NiFi is a visual flow-based programming environment designed for streaming data ingest pipelines, Internet of Things (IoT), and enterprise application integration. NiFi's visual management interface provides a friendly and rapid way to develop, monitor, and troubleshoot data flows.

NiFi integrates smoothly with your existing AWS infrastructure including S3, EMR, Lambda, SQS, and SNS. NiFi also contains built-in support for data flows integrating Hadoop, Flume, Kafka, Solr, Kite, SQL databases, MongoDB, HBase, Couchbase, Syslog, HTTP, FTP, and more. Apache NiFi is open source, with a rich API for building custom processors, shared services, and reporting components.

NiFi's data provenance tools allow detailed inspection and verification of all touchpoints with data flowing through the system for compliance, debugging, and performance analysis.

This Community Edition includes forum support. A separate product "Apache NiFi provided by BatchIQ - Professional Edition" is available with paid support and can be found here https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B01KZWVRCM



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