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We conduct a four week data strategy accelerator, to build out analysing three domains within your business to establish the current state of your data-driven transformation. This is used to build out a series of prioritised capabilities and investments that your organisation can use to achieve the following business goals:

  • Improve - Improving your organisation’s ability to make better decisions
  • Optimise - Optimise business operations to eliminate waste
  • Enhance - Enhance the way you target and sell to customers to drive revenue growth.
  • Monetise - Monetise your data assets through launching new products and services

Our high-level approach consists of three steps

  1. Establish a baseline for data driven readiness

We deploy self assessment tooling, using our data and AI readiness application DARA, to benchmark your businesses data-driven readiness. This will also provide insights into how you compare with industry peers covering people, process and technology pillars.

We interview your teams to understand their ways of working with data and their product delivery behaviours.

In parallel, we execute value stream mapping, impact mapping and data discovery exercises to build a current state view of your data challenges.

We combine these subjective insights and enrich them with objective data taken from your systems of record. This allows us to identify and understand the bottlenecks that are preventing your organisation from generating business value from your data.

We establish a baseline for your data-driven readiness across people, process and technology using our proprietary Data & AI Readiness Application, which covers the following dimensions:

Data Culture - Seeking to understand how deeply embedded data is within day-to-day operations, decision-making processes, and how data-driven the organisation's culture is.

Data Strategy - Investigating how data aligns with broader business objectives, how it delivers value, and the level of maturity in the organisation's data techniques, including advanced analytics and AI.

Data Ethics & Sustainability - Focusing on how ethical considerations are integrated into data handling, and how the organisation addresses the environmental impact of its data practices.

Data Impact - Measuring how the use of data has driven business outcomes, innovation, and overall success.

Data Trustworthiness & Usability - Evaluating the readiness of the organisation's data for consumption, the trustworthiness, usability, accessibility, and compliance of data, as well as the effectiveness of data governance and metadata management.

Data Delivery - Assessing the aspects such as the data platform and software used, skills within the organisation, data lifecycle management, tooling, and data discoverability.

Your Domain's Data Readiness Index

  1. Assess against industry peers and best practice

In order to contextualise your current data-driven readiness, we provide comparable benchmarking with your industry peers to understand the potential edge and deficiencies you have with your competitors.

We also find demonstrable examples of best practice data platform design, ways of working
and operating models that fit your business requirements.

During this phase, we will also identify and prototype the mission critical data-sets that will form the backbone of your organisation’s strategic data products.

  1. Map out a vision and roadmap for data transformation
    Upon identifying the current state constraints, we map these opportunities to new, future state capability areas that are aligned to modern architectural paradigms and delivery approaches, such as:

Data-as-a-product Domain-driven data ownership Federated data governance Self-service data infrastructure

Each of these future state capabilities are broken down into people, process and technology interventions with suggestions for immediate next-steps that will inform your data transformation roadmap.

Where required, we will build the business case to support your investment needs and establish measurable justifications that are tied to business value generation, not just technology savings. Bringing together the worlds of data, digital & AI enabled products.

These interventions are typically delivered through the vehicle of Lighthouse Projects. Lighthouse Projects are an accelerator and catalyst for delivering transformational change across our customers organisations. We align to our customer’s business needs and technology projects, to transform their use of data, analytics, AI & ML.

This enables your organisation to shift towards an evidence-based execution model at speed where, in partnership, we demonstrate new ways of working, roles, processes and architectural paradigms that generate business value for your company in months not years.

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We develop evidence-based solutions to overcome your challenges, defining business cases so you can achieve buy-in from the organisation and implement scalable, resilient and long-lasting data driven change in your business.

Over a four to six week period, we will work closely with you to identify the most data driven ready parts of your that are ripe for transformation. We deliver this service as a collaborative process involving people from across both your technology and customer facing teams to pave the way for transforming how your organisation uses data, allowing us to establish new competencies, capabilities, ways of working and solutions together.