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Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) involve connecting smart devices and systems—in diverse sectors such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare—in fundamentally new ways. These technologies will enable cities and communities to improve services, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life. Many of today's smart city/community development efforts are isolated and customized projects, so NIST launched the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) to encourage collaboration and the development of standards. GCTC will help communities benefit from the experience of others to improve efficiency and lower costs. The GCTC program enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists, and private corporations from all over the world to form project teams, or “action clusters,” and “SuperClusters,” to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the smart city and community environment.

We have organized the solutions available in the AWS Marketplace, so you can easily understand, test and adopt technologies that will transform your city.

Solutions that explores the opportunities provided by first and last mile vehicles including shared, low speed, and autonomous. It also focus on building vibrant communities around transfer points and mobility hubs and addresses how these vehicles and hubs can play a role in the last mile delivery of packages, and other freight.

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End-to-End mobile solution for smart government, smart citizens and smart cities. Features advanced tranist, way-finding and Augmented Reality functionality in a mobile-first design ready to be cusomized to your brand.

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Solutions that enable first responders, public safety officials, and government agencies, to improve situational awareness before, during, and after an incident or civil emergency in order to protect human life, maintain community functions and infrastructure, and ensure public safety.  

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AWS-based user interface client to Mutualink's state-of-the-art, real-time, secure interoperability system is designed to provide a multimedia collaboration environment for public safety, critical infrastructure and enterprise users.

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These solutions explore ways of increasing city resilience in water, energy, and waste management. It includes, but is not limited to: increase efficiency of water and energy management, conservation of water and energy, innovative metering technologies, zero waste, and weather analytics.

Concert Orchestrator (Starter Edition)

Provides a visual means through which even non-coders familiar with webservices and JSON can rapidly develop and deploy IoT services. It allows the user to "drag and drop" components selected from Orchestrator's existing palette of ready made services (e.g. AWS Kinesis Consumers, AWS SNS/SES email and SMS notifications,  DynamoDB read/write, decision blocks) to compose new service flows. The Orchestrator palette also contains a growing list of connectors for the most popular enterprise business systems (e.g. CRM, ERP). Flows created on this free, starter edition of Orchestrator run Java code as on the same instance as the AMI.

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Data (its collection, analysis and integration into a decision support platform) makes a city smart. These solutions explore the common set of things to measure and understand so cities can apply the data to address unique challenges regardless of the size, governance, or location.

LotaData CityDash

Provides a city-wide analytics dashboard by combining massive volumes of data from public and private sources. CityDash applies Artificial Intelligence to unlock deep insights by correlating data across city departments, like 311 civic issues, crime reports, demographics, permits, weather, city facilities, parks, local events and activities. With powerful map-based visualization, dynamics charts, responsive user interface and customizable filters, CityDash is the new 24x7 Chief Data Officer in the cloud for cities and local government.

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OpenDataSoft helps organizations launch their Open Data portal in a quick and cost-effective way. Thanks to OpenDataSoft's Open Data platform, users can collect data from multiple sources, break data silos, share interactive data visualizations, foster applicative development through APIs and collaborate with their key local organizations. In just a few clicks, you can collect and process structured data. Say goodbye to cumbersome raw data catalogs and publish datasets with our state-of-the-art platform. OpenDataSoft automatically transforms your datasets into interactive visualizations: charts & graphs, maps, picture galleries and even editorial webpages. Promote your data through various materials: seamlessly integrate interactive maps on your community website, enrich your blog posts with graphs & charts, and develop innovative applications for citizens.

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U-Turn - OpenGrid

Interactive, map-based platform for exploring publicly-available open data sets in an easy-to-use-interface. OpenGrid enables municipalities to offer residents, businesses, and communities a better way to interact with public data. Users can perform advanced queries to filter data as well as search within custom boundaries or based on the user's location.

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XAQT - Smart City Engage

World's first integrated Urban Intelligence, Insights and Collaboration Platform that bridges people and data to guide policymakers and citizens in making data-driven decisions that affect millions of citizens as well as respond to real-time insights of the city. The core platform handles: data integration, deep analytics, and making insights accessible to drive collaboration and data sharing across the city. We've made Smart City analytics modular and turnkey by deriving predictive insights from both legacy data-sources, such as open data portals coupled with emerging sources, such as: sensors, mobile devices and smart infrastructure.

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If you are a solution provider, and are looking for guidance in expanding to locations outside of the U.S., you can contact U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration.