Getting Started with AWS Organizations

Creating an organization is simple.

  1. Select (or create) an account to manage your organization (we recommend using an account that does not run existing workloads). This will be the management (formerly known as master) account for your organization
  2. Visit the AWS Organizations page on the console 
  3. Choose “Create Organization.” Your organization is now created
  4. Verify the email address of the management account

Once you’ve created the organization and verified your email, you can create or invite other accounts into your organization, categorize the accounts into Organizational Units (OUs), create service control policies (SCPs), and take advantage of the Organizations features from supported AWS services.

You can also create an organization via CLI or API.

We recommend reviewing the article, “Establishing your best practice AWS environment,” if you would like to learn how to build your organizational unit (OU) structure.


How to access member accounts created using AWS Organizations? (5:39)
AWS re:Invent 2019: Architect governance at enterprise scale with Goldman Sachs (48:11)

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