APN Certification Distinctions provide APN Companies the opportunity to showcase their customer obsession through AWS Certification achievement. APN Partners can show how many active AWS Certifications their company has collectively achieved and highlight the value AWS Certifications brings to their customers. 

APN Partners are recognized for achieving 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 AWS Certifications within their organization.

Learn more about AWS Certifications and APN Certification Distinctions below. 


APN Partners talk about what AWS Training and Certification means to their business. 


Cloudreach has found having a deep bench of AWS Certified individuals on staff to be very beneficial when meeting with customers. In this video, Cloudreach discusses their journey on AWS and the benefits of being an APN Partner.


Logicworks has heavily invested in AWS Training and Certification (over half of the company is AWS Certified), and the team discusses the value that AWS Training has brought to the company. 


Slalom relies on AWS Training and Certifications to better enable Consultants to serve their customers. The team at Slalom discusses their purpose, which is to help clients realize their vision and to help clients understand what's possible.

AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure on AWS. AWS Certifications are recognized industry-wide as a credential that shows your expertise in AWS cloud infrastructure, and has been recognized as one of the top 10 Cloud Certifications for Partners


APN Certification Distinctions showcase the amount of active AWS Certifications an APN Company has collectively achieved, providing additional ways to highlight the value of AWS Certification brings to their customers. The more AWS Certified individuals within an organization means more AWS experts to assist customers migrating to, and optimzing their use of AWS. 

Step #1: Pick an Exam based on role. IT Professionals can achieve Associate and Professional certification exams based on their role as a Solutions Architect, Developer, or SysOps Administrator. 

Step #2: Register for a Certification Exam within the APN Portal. Individuals register for the AWS Certification exams within the APN Portal to assure that these certifications count towards the organization as a whole. 

Step #3: Prepare for the AWS Certification Exam. There are many resources for individuals to prepare for the Exam, including exam blueprints, qwikLABS Exam Prep Quests, and Practice Exams.

Step #4: Take the AWS Certification Exam. Either take the AWS Certification Exam at a test center or onsite at re:Invent

Once an APN Partner achieves a certain threshold of AWS Certified individuals within the organization, they will receive their APN Certification Distinction logo. No application necessary.

To see APN Distinction Logo Guidelines, click here.