Angel MedFlight uses Salesforce and AWS to coordinate care at 40,000 feet.

Angel MedFlight & Salesforce

Angel MedFlight works with families and healthcare providers to safely transport patients from anywhere in the world for the life-changing care they need. For the Angel MedFlight team, moving quickly is crucial to help drive an optimal patient outcome. The company uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud to collect patient data and power many aspects of the business.

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Kenworth Truck Company & Slalom

By using Slalom's serverless solution, Kenworth can identify patterns and trends in its data to drive process improvements in the sales order lifecycle and gain efficiencies in back office processing.

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Wonderful Copenhagen & Vizalytics

Vizalytics helps Wonderful Copenhagen make the most of their data to boost the Danish capital's tourism industry and help their customers make informed decisions.

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Allergan & Smartronix

Smartronix created a mobile application to integrate with Allergan's TrueTear device. Together, the application and device help patients with chronic dry eyes.

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State of Louisiana Transforms and Secures IT Infrastructure with VMware
State of Louisiana Transforms and Secures IT Infrastructure with VMware
DFS takes a non-laid-back approach to customer service with VMware Cloud on AWS
AWS Partner Story: DXC Technology Asia's Journey to AWS

This Is My Architecture (TMA) is a video series that highlights innovative architectural solutions on the AWS Cloud by AWS customers and APN Partners. These 2-5-minute video segments are designed for a technical audience and showcase the most interesting and technically creative elements of each architecture.

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In this video, Nicholas Gerasimatos introduces core concepts supporting Container Native Storage and application high availability using Red Hat Gluster Storage and Heketi, RESTful based volume management, with Openshift Container Platform on AWS.

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  • Big Data

    Partners building highly scalable and secure Big Data applications fast. 

    The Globe and Mail & ClearScale

    The Globe and Mail used APN Partner ClearScale to launch a new application that enables its growing online readership to access stories and breaking news from mobile devices.

    LexisNexis & Cognizant

    LexisNexis used APN Partner Cognizant to develop its News Archive platform to easily expand compute resources to support growing news archives and other strategic workloads.

    National Bank of Canada & Cloudera/TickSmith

    The National Bank of Canada is one of Canada's leading financial services organizations. The bank's Global Equity Derivatives Group (GED) decided to use Cloudera and TickSmith to accumulate and rebuild all Canadian stock-trading activity for post-trade analysis. 

  • Storage Solutions

    Partners creating seamless storage across cloud and on-premises environments. 

    King County & NetApp

    King County needed a more efficient and cost-effective solution to replace a tape-based backup system used to store information generated by 17 different county agencies. The county used NetApp's AttaValut solution to help the county meet federal security standards and significantly reduce operational costs. 

    Icelandair & IBM/Nyherji

    The global airline, Icelandair, made the strategic decision to migrate key IT workloads to AWS after determining that doing so would move essential services closer to their customers around the world, enhance business resiliency, and enable rapid scalability. 

    The Carlyle Group & Ctera

    The Carlyle Group is one of the largest investment firms operating around the globe. Partnering with Ctera Networks, the company moved its physical file servers into the cloud, saving time, space, and costs and gaining an added level of data redundancy to keep its information secure.

  • Microsoft Solutions

    Partners helping customer evalute and deploy Microsoft workloads on AWS.

    Lionsgate & Datapipe

    The global entertainment coporation, LIONSGATE, uses Microsoft SharePoint as a robust framework for building collaborative sites, housing shared documents, and capturing asnd routing vital information using forms and workflows. LIONSGATE engaged Datapipe for monitoring and administration tasks. 

    Dole Foods & Smartronix

    Dole Food Company chose AWS to host its Microsoft SharePoint sites  because of cost, efficiency, and to improve operational efficiencies. Doing so has saved an estimate of $350,000 in operating expenses. 

    Unilever & CSS Corp

    Unilever needed to re-design its infrastructure to support their digital marketing approach. Unilever worked with CSS Corp and AWS to improve performance of its web sites and runs its databases on Microsoft SQL and MySQL. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Partners possessing deep domain expertise in IoT, having developed innovative technology and solutions that leverage AWS services.

    eWater & Eseye

    eWater's founders saw a solution to the lack of clean water to more than 780 million people globally using cell phones linked with small devices instaqlled at water pumps to control access to and collect usage information for clean water taps. eWater worked with Eseye to create an IoT enabled pump to provide clean water to those with limited access. 

    Enel & Accenture

    Enel, the Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas uses AWS and Accenture for IoT and energy management, saving 21% on compute costs and 60% in storage costs. 

    Samsung & ClearScale

    Samsung, the global leader in mobility, saw a need for strong infrastructure delivery capabilities and high talent software development. Samsung envisioned its Cloud Solutions Platform to deliver infrastructure with best in class innovation. They used ClearScale to deliver a robust infrastructure and cloud application at hyerscale.


  • Migration Solutions

    Partners moving existing applications to the AWS cloud to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security. 

    Thomas Publishing & AppsAssociates

    Thomas Publishing connects manufacturing buyers and suppliers online. Thomas used Apps Associates to upgrade its Oracle E-Business Suites (EBS) ap-plications and take advantage of newer infrastructure to increase the performance of its additional Oracle applications and database technologies without the need to invest in physical hardware. 

    FantasyDraft & BlueSentry

    FantasyDraft decided tomove its website to the cloud to better meet its needs for high availability, scalbility, and development agility. FantasyDraft used BlueSentry to help them quicky migrate to the AWS cloud. 

    Delaware North & Cloudreach

    Delaware North, a major food and hospitality company serves half a billion customers each years. Its on-premises dara center was becoming too expensive and inefficienct to support its global business operations, so it turned to AWS and APN Partner Cloudreach, to move most of its enterprise applications and operations to the cloud. 

  • Financial Services

    Partners deploying innovative solutions to manage risk, optimize operations, and extract insights from data. 

    Liberty Mutual & EIS

    Liberty Mutual chose to work with EIS because of their end-to-end insurance platform they have that worked well with Liberty Mutual's benefit platform they were building. 

  • Competency Partners

  • Service Delivery Partners

  • Public Sector Partners

  • Marketplace Partners

  • Managed Service Provider Partners

  • SaaS Partners

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