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AWS provides the broadest and deepest capabilities and the largest global infrastructure for building end-to-end blockchain platforms, cost efficiently and at scale. APN Technology and Consulting Partners offer a rapidly growing selection of blockchain and distributed ledger solutions with support for multiple protocols.

Learn about our APN Partners building Blockchain solutions and innovativing on behalf of AWS customers. 

Building Blockchain Solutions on AWS

Just like other infrastructure, a blockchain built on AWS can be integrated with many AWS services. The following provides examples for how AWS technologies can be used to add value to a blockchain solution.


Benefits of Building Blockchain Solutions


Framework Flexibility

AWS provides developers with a wide selection of blockchain frameworks for developing a blockchain application including: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum, and Corda. 


One-click Deployment

With an AWS-based blockchain cloud solution, developers can deploy underlying blockchain and connectivity to supplemental applications with one click.


Global Reach

Deploying an application in multiple locations worldwide takes just a few clicks, so developers can give their customers lower latency and a better expereience. 

APN Blockchain: Case Study Spotlight

The APN Partner Spotlight Series showcases APN Partners across vertical industries and use cases who are driving innovation for AWS customers. See some of our APN Partners who have created innovative offerings in Blockchain on AWS. 

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