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Infosys is a global and managed service AWS Partner. Infosys ensures that customers receive the right expertise and tools for migration, transformation, and management of workloads in the cloud, building successful AWS-based businesses in the process.

Leveraging Infosys Cobalt, a set of services, solutions, and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey, Infosys brings together AWS capabilities needed to drive business and IT priorities through comprehensive cloud offerings, from setting up of the foundational layers to managing the complete infrastructure and application stack. With a suite of AWS services, industry blueprints, and platforms, Infosys has successfully completed hundreds of cloud transformation programs, and enabled enterprises to increase business agility and improve the resilience of IT landscapes.

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Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

Quantum computing

Learn how Quantum Computing (QC) is gaining widespread visibility, and how enterprises expect quantum hardware processing power to drive the next wave of disruption and deliver enormous benefits.

Cloud and retail

Learn how the cloud is driving the next phase of evolution for retail, CPG, and logistics.
Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

Innovation at scale and speed

Learn how the cloud is driving innovation at scale and speed for enterprises during a pandemic.
Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

Enabling resilience with cloud data and analytics

Learn how a strong data foundation is a real differentiator and provides a competitive edge, driving resiliency, speed, and business value.

Services and Offerings

  • Infosys Cobalt - Migration Services
  • Infosys Cobalt - Cloud Services
  • Infosys Cobalt - Blockchain Services
  • Infosys Cobalt - Migration Services
  • Infosys Cloud Migration Services, part of Infosys Cobalt, extend the lifetime of legacy investments while effecting business transformation, including scalability, availability, security, performance, and cost reduction.


    Mainframe Data Migration to AWS with Infosys

    Learn how customers migrate data from mainframe systems, overcoming challenges and risks, with Infosys tools and accelerators.

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    Migrate to modernize on AWS with Infosys

    Read this e-book to understand how to accelerate business transformation through cloud migration with Infosys and AWS.

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    Migrating an on-premises data platform to Amazon Redshift

    Watch AWS AnalytiCON 2021 and learn how a lake house approach was used to migrate a data platform and meet data demands on time.

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  • Infosys Cobalt - Cloud Services
  • Infosys combines intellectual property with advanced tools for realizing the potential of cloud deployment and/or migration. Infosys has achieved AWS Competencies in Migration, MSP, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Data and Analytics, and Public Services.


    Cloud Advisory Services

    Infosys Cloud Advisory Services help enterprises define their end-to-end cloud strategy and realization roadmap by aligning cloud strategy as a foundational component of their digital transformation.

    Cloud Native Application Development

    Infosys builds microservices, drives event-driven processing and high-volume batch processing, conducts static website hosting, and develops data lakes by adopting a serverless implementation approach using AWS services.

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    Serverless Services

    Infosys serverless services cover the development and modernization of cloud native and digital applications using AWS serverless offerings, including application design, architecture, and implementation.

    Cloud Platform Services

    AWS Cloud offerings extend the Infosys Cloud Platform Engineering offering by leveraging AWS native capabilities such as AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS CloudFormation.

    AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency

    Infosys offers cloud security services, solutions, and platforms to accelerate enterprise cloud transformation. Its managed security services on AWS enable customers to utilize rich Infosys experience and assets to secure cloud platforms by design.
  • Infosys Cobalt - Blockchain Services
  • Infosys is helping customers create reliable, trusted, and sustainable ecosystems for their businesses. Infosys is driving enterpise-wide adoption of blockchain-powered business networks across industries by building meaningful commercial/incentive models for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.


    Reimagined the Public Records Validation Process using Hyperledger Fabric

    Riverside County, California, and Infosys Public Services, in collaboration with AWS created a platform on Amazon Managed Blockchain to seamlessly verify and authenticate birth, death, marriage and land records.

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    Reimagining the public records validation process using blockchain

    This whitepaper discusses how blockchain technology can potentially transform the public records management process resulting in cost savings, faster turnaround time, and enhanced customer service.

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Re-imagining manufacturing: cloud-led innovation for enterprises.

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Siam Makro opens for business in China: establishes a cloud-first digital landscape on Oracle ERP.

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Infosys modernizes Toyota’s North America vehicle data warehouse on AWS.

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Dairy Farm transforms merchandising by integrating multi-format store data in the cloud.

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Infosys and AWS bring capabilities together to drive customers’ business and IT priorities through comprehensive cloud offerings delivered through Infosys Cobalt.