AWS Distribution Program

The AWS Distribution Program supports AWS Distributors to recruit, enable, and onboard Systems Integrators (SIs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), value-added resellers, digital marketing companies, infrastructure hosting companies, and public sector partners to promote authorized AWS services to end customers as part of a solution.

Authorized Distributors support the partner community on AWS Partner Network (APN) recruitment, program enablement, technical training, APN tier upgrades, and more. In addition, distributors offer operations and billing support, enable eligible AWS Partners with tools, and provide services to deliver high quality customer solutions.


AWS Distribution Program Overview

AWS Distributors have the ability to invoice AWS services as part of their or their distribution seller’s solutions or services and benefit from the same. See some of the benefits for AWS Distributors below.

Business Benefits

  • Benefits when invoicing AWS services.
  • Benefits on AWS Partner capability development. 
  • License rights to invoice and manage distribution sellers (AWS Partners). 
  • Program and Business management support. 
  • Ability to create and manage customer accounts.

Marketing Benefits

  • Designation as an AWS Distributor in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder.
  • Designated AWS Distributor Badge in APN Badge Manager
  • Program support for Distribution led marketing.
  • Participation in AWS Hosted Events.
  • Press release and marketing content support.

Basis strategic need for distributors in the country or region, AWS evaluates and appoints distributors. Any additional questions regarding becoming an AWS Distributor?

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Working with AWS Distributors

AWS Partners who want to leverage Distributors to resell AWS Services to end customers and who are typically systems integrators, managed service providers, value-added resellers, or public sector partners receive APN benefits and additional benefits from AWS Distributors. Working with Distributors, AWS Partners can manage, service, support, and bill Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts for end customers.

AWS Distributors support distribution sellers in many different ways.


Support partners on building successful APN profile and AWS practice.

Financial Benefits

Extend financial benefits and incentive programs to qualifying resellers.


Support distribution seller skills certifications and capabilities.

Invoicing Support

Support distribution sellers on invoicing and managing end customer AWS accounts.

Getting Started

AWS Partners who want to work with AWS Distributors must meet the requirements below and contact an AWS Distributor in your region from the list below. 


Registered in APN as a Consulting Partner


Distributors provide independent resell, enablement and marketing programs for qualifying resellers on top of APN Benefits. 

For more details on Distributors and their programs, please contact your choice of Authorized AWS Distributors below.

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