Inawisdom Helps Aramex Increase Shipping Accuracy by 74% Using AWS

Using Machine Learning to Help Companies Get More from Their Data

Across the globe, many enterprises today are using the data they gather and process to transform their businesses. Inawisdom, a technology services provider specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science solutions, is helping companies enable data-driven transformations. “We work with companies that are data-rich and see this as a market differentiator,” says Neil Miles, CEO of Inawisdom. 

“We have seen a 74 percent increase in the accuracy of our transit time predictions because of the machine learning models we developed on AWS with Inawisdom.”

- Mohammed Sleeq, chief digital officer at Aramex

Inawisdom, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner and Machine Learning Competency Partner, builds its solutions on the AWS Cloud. Inawisdom’s Rapid Analytics and Machine Learning Platform (RAMP) solution offers automated build and deployment of a data and advanced analytics platform. “We leverage all AWS capabilities, including the latest AI and machine learning services, to provide a powerful platform to deliver market-differentiating solutions for our customers,” says Miles. “RAMP provides the flexibility and extendibility needed within a reliable and secure framework, with a design aligned to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and CIS Benchmark best practices.”

As an APN Partner, Inawisdom benefits from early insight into new services and products, as well as specialized technical support and training. Inawisdom’s AWS partnership also provides confidence and credibility to its customers by demonstrating that the company has the machine learning expertise to deliver the required business outcomes. “We work with various AWS teams to accelerate customer adoption and realize the benefits of cloud services,” says Miles. 

Helping a Global Logistics Company Enable Digital Transformation

Inawisdom was engaged by Aramex, a global provider of logistics and transportation solutions, to support a digital transformation by enhancing the customer experience and digitizing the end-to-end shipment journey. “We are shifting increasingly to be an e-commerce company, and our vision is to be an innovative e-commerce provider that provides a revolutionary customer experience,” says Mohammed Sleeq, chief digital officer at Aramex. “We wanted to give our customers a more accurate, instant prediction of delivery time, and we knew Inawisdom and AWS would enable us to do what we wanted to accomplish.”

To realize its transformation goals, Aramex chose Inawisdom as a partner to accelerate the delivery of an AWS cloud-native data science platform to deploy machine learning models into production. Inawisdom helped Aramex deploy the RAMP platform, which takes advantage of Amazon SageMaker and other key AWS services. The solution, which uses predictive analysis to analyze shipment transit times, incorporates a data lake on Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a web API using AWS Lambda and SageMaker endpoints, a DevOps environment deployed with AWS CloudFormation templates, and an AI DataOps environment that uses Amazon CloudWatch metrics, logs, and alerts along with AWS X-Ray to provide a complete picture of live transit operations in real time.

The solution’s data pipeline ingests 1.2 million rows of customer data into Amazon Redshift every 15 minutes and supports more than 1,500 requests per minute. “In just weeks, we succeeded in implementing a secure enterprise-grade platform where previous attempts were unsuccessful, enabling Aramex to deploy their machine learning models into production,” Miles says. Aramex also uses the solution to improve efficiency in its customer contract center operations.

Increasing Shipping Accuracy by 74 Percent

Using the Inawisdom solution, Aramex has automated transit time prediction for global logistics and increased accuracy in shipping date predictions. “We have seen a 74 percent increase in the accuracy of our transit time predictions because of the machine learning models we developed on AWS with Inawisdom,” says Sleeq.

Aramex has also lowered the average processing time for its transit time application from 2.5 seconds to under 200 milliseconds. “Every time a customer interacts with our website or contact center regarding a shipment, a response is automatically generated in our system. Because the Inawisdom solution is auto scalable, we get immediate response times as customer interactions grow, so we don’t lose any customer contacts.” 

Eliminating 40 Percent of Inbound Calls

The company has improved its contact center efficiency with the Inawisdom solution, eliminating 40 percent of inbound customer calls related to shipments. “80 percent of incoming calls are customers asking where their shipments are,” Sleeq says. “Because we are able to use the machine learning models on AWS to calculate shipment transit times more accurately, our customers can access this data in real time through our website. We expect to reduce the call volume even more as we expand the solution.” 

Enhancing the Customer Experience

By driving new efficiencies through machine learning, Inawisdom has helped Aramex improve the overall experience for customers ordering shipments. “Using the AWS-based solution, we are modernizing the entire customer experience by providing a seamless journey,” says Sleeq. To continue its digital transformation, Aramex plans to migrate the majority of its critical business applications to AWS. “As Aramex explores additional technologies, we are providing production and technical support, data engineering, and data science services to enable Aramex to accelerate delivery of further innovation and benefit its customers,” says Miles. 

About Aramex

Aramex is a leader in the global logistics and transportation industry. Aramex is a publicly traded company on the Dubai Financial Market and employs more than 18,000 people in 604 locations across 71 countries.

About Inawisdom

Inawisdom is a cloud native solutions and services provider specializing in AI and machine learning technologies. An AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Machine Learning Competency Partner, Inawisdom provides the Rapid Analytics and Machine Learning Platform (RAMP) solution, which offers an advanced data and analytics platform built on AWS. 

Published August 2019