Cribl Increases Customer Adoption and Reduces Technology Barriers with an AWS Partner Solution

Executive Summary

When Cribl was faced with the challenges of increasing customer adoption, reducing technology barriers and enabling faster time to deployment of Cribl Stream workloads to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, they worked with the AWS Integration and Automation team to design an AWS Partner Solution, an automated reference architecture built on AWS CloudFormation templates with integrated best practices. As a result, Cribl has seen both a 40% increase in traffic to Cribl’s AWS assets and a steady move of AWS users from single-instance deployments to either distributed deployments in their own AWS account or to Cribl’s cloud instances.

Addressing Barriers to Cloud Adoption

When Cribl launched Cribl Stream, their highly scalable observability pipeline, they immediately set out to increase customer adoption by removing migration barriers to the AWS Cloud. They wanted to invest in ways to help customers more quickly and easily migrate their data and support customers who weren’t savvy with AWS services and technologies.

Cribl’s sales team also needed a more streamlined way to demonstrate proof of value to Stream customers tasked with migrating their workloads to the cloud. A successful migration meant customers could get up and running on AWS with just a few clicks. The solution would have to be repeatable, efficient, and ready to be used immediately. Most importantly, Cribl and AWS wanted customers to have a positive customer experience.

Designing, Testing, and Launching Cribl Stream on AWS

When Kamilo (Kam) Amir, Director of Technical Alliances at Cribl, started researching an AWS migration solution for Stream customers, he decided to engage with the AWS Integration and Automation team to create an AWS Partner Solution. Designed by knowledgeable AWS solutions architects, AWS Partner Solutions are production-ready architecture accelerators built to automate deployment of AWS services with partner products to the AWS Cloud.

Once Kam was paired with an AWS architect, they collaborated to design a solution that would satisfy Cribl’s two main goals – increasing customer adoption and providing the Cribl sales team with a compelling proof of value. Kam was particularly happy that AWS Partner Solutions are designed using AWS best practices and fully aligned with the AWS Well Architected Framework.

The Cribl Stream on AWS Partner Solution is designed so that customers with a wide variety of environments can take advantage of the deployment architecture. Deployable in about 15 minutes, the solution features options to deploy Cribl with VPC Flow Logs, which enables Cribl sampling for capturing VPC traffic for operational analysis.

The Partner Solution includes:

  • A highly available architecture that spans two Availability Zones (AZs) in your virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • An Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Application Load Balancer to route traffic to Cribl Stream instances
  • In public subnets, Cribl Stream deployed to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group*
  • An Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket to test sending and receiving Cribl Stream data
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for a role and policy providing the Cribl Stream instances access to the Amazon S3 bucket (You can add other Cribl-supported data sources and destinations by editing the IAM policy after deployment.)

*To give users a better experience when getting started with Cribl Stream, the Partner Solution deploys in a public subnet by default. If deploying in a production environment, consider using a private subnet.

Cribl Stream Architecture Diagram

According to Kam, one of the most attractive points about Partner Solutions is the ability to convert hundreds of manual procedures into an automated workflow. Because the solution uses an infrastructure-as-code model made available to anyone with a GitHub account, Kam was able to start contributing to the project almost immediately.

Kam was particularly impressed with the streamlined process for creating the deployment guide, which is built and published automatically using GitHub Pages, a hosting service that takes builds and hosts documentation directly from the repository where the code lives. All he had to do was add deployment details to a set of placeholder files.

“The Integration and Automation team has been a fantastic resource that understands our side of the house, so putting it all together was really simple.”

- Kam Amir, Director of Technical Alliances, Cribl

Increasing Customer Adoption with a Valuable Sales Tool

Since launching the Cribl Stream on AWS Partner Solution in early 2022, customer adoption has steadily increased. Using Cribl’s free tier containing one terabyte of data per day, Cribl customers can play with their datasets in Cribl’s own SaaS environment or deploy a fully working solution to AWS using the Partner Solution in just a matter of minutes.

According to Kam, customers who use the Partner Solution to deploy to AWS are truly seeing the value of Cribl and starting to engage with the sales team sooner. Once they’ve experienced a successful proof-of-value test in their own AWS environment, customers feel more comfortable purchasing Cribl for their own organizations.

Internal usage of the Partner Solution is also incredibly high, especially among Cribl sales engineers. By deploying the Cribl solution, they can effectively build a scalable lab environment that they can tweak and manipulate, giving them a head start when engaging with customers.

Providing a Tool for Testing and Training Environments

The Partner Solution has also proven to be a valuable tool for testing and training environments. Using the deployed solution, customers can perform procedures in a test environment, then perform proof-of-value testing on the production side. Customers essentially take the infrastructure from the deployment and redeploy it in their production instance.

For one federal customer who approached Cribl looking for an infrastructure that could accommodate high-security installations, this was an ideal use case. Kam and his team pointed them to the Cribl Stream on AWS Partner Solution in the AWS Marketplace so they could perform a test build within their own system using their security measures. In just a few minutes, they had a fully functioning AWS solution inside their own secure environment, and that was all the proof they needed to start engaging with the Cribl sales team.

“Customers can test in their own secure environment when it doesn’t allow for cutting any corners. They can basically just go run off and do the testing with no obstacles.”

- Kam Amir, Director of Technical Alliances, Cribl

Achieving 40% Traffic Growth with More Rapid Migrations

Since launching the Partner Solution in May of 2022, Cribl has seen a 40% increase in traffic for their AWS assets. They’ve also experienced a steady path of AWS users moving from single-instance deployments to either distributed deployments in their own AWS account or to Cribl’s cloud instances. According to Kam, the Partner Solution has been a significant reason for these improvements. Non-AWS administrators can now deploy Cribl on AWS more quickly because they aren’t required to learn how to build the infrastructure or perform manual configuration steps, allowing them to focus on the data and get up and running in just a few minutes.


About Cribl

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Published November 2022