EEMC Boosts Revenue, Upskills Staff, and Shifts Organizational Culture by Joining AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP)

Executive Summary

Information technology services provider Enhanced Engineering & Multi-Technologies Co. (EEMC) increased its revenue and upskilled its staff by joining the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP). The Kuwait-based company, which provides a wide range of technology integration services, enrolled in the AWS PTP in 2019 to build a value proposition as an AWS Partner. Within six months of completing the program, the company acquired new projects, increased its revenue, and created an accelerated training program. Now, EEMC can get its products to market faster and better serve its customers on AWS.

Using AWS to Better Position Itself as a Cloud Services Provider

Information technology (IT) services provider Enhanced Engineering & Multi-Technologies Co. (EEMC) wanted to move away from a traditional IT approach and migrate more of its customers to the cloud as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner. In 2019, the company enrolled in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP), a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping AWS Partners build successful and profitable cloud businesses. Since completing the program, EEMC has upskilled several engineers, acquired new projects, and increased its monthly revenue. 

“We were able to go to market much faster, and we’ve identified which solutions to offer. Participating in the AWS PTP gave us an edge.”

-  Khaled Al-Fraih, Business Development Manager, Enhanced Engineering & Multi Technologies Co.

Making an Early Investment in the Cloud

When Kuwait-based EEMC became an AWS Partner in 2018, it wanted to find a way to distinguish itself from its competitors. “We’ve seen a lot of our competitors fizzle out over the years,” says Khaled Al-Fraih, Business Development Manager at EEMC. “We see the value in making an early investment in the next generation of technology so that we don’t get caught behind the curve.” The company took a personal sales approach when marketing to customers and found that many were resistant to cloud adoption. Further, some of EEMC’s employees hadn’t fully embraced the concept of the cloud. “One of the biggest challenges was changing the mindset of our employees,” says Al-Fraih. “We realized that the cloud is a significant shift from the existing way we did business.”

Gaining an Edge through the AWS PTP

In December 2019, EEMC began the AWS PTP. Focusing on its marketing strategy for cloud solutions, EEMC was able to define its service strategy and catalog and refine its customer engagement approach. “We were able to benefit from so many marketing resources and tools,” says Al-Fraih. “AWS even had a team that could help us run campaigns.” In addition to marketing, EEMC focused on driving down computing costs for its customers. The company adopted CloudCheckr, which is available on AWS Marketplace and lets customers optimize costs, security, and compliance in the cloud. “CloudCheckr added a lot of value to our offering,” says Al-Fraih. “Using it, we streamlined our billing and auditing.”

EEMC was also able to train more staff members for its technical team by establishing an accelerated training program. It trained six engineers, two of whom achieved AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, which validates the ability to design, deploy, and evaluate applications on AWS within diverse, complex requirements. Moreover, the company has seen a change in its organizational culture and, in turn, a significant increase in agility and performance. “We were able to go to market much faster, and we’ve identified which solutions to offer,” says Al-Fraih. “Participating in the AWS PTP gave us an edge.”

Shaping Business Plans on AWS

In June 2020, EEMC completed the AWS PTP. Less than six months after its completion, the company had acquired 20 live projects and generated more than $10,000 in AWS monthly billing. “We really understand how to position ourselves as an AWS Partner,” says Al-Fraih. As a cloud solutions provider in Kuwait, EEMC hopes to attract more business on AWS. “It would’ve taken an additional 2–3 years to achieve what our participation in the AWS PTP has helped us achieve in six months,” says Al-Fraih. “AWS has so much to offer. Even today, we’re shaping up business plans for next year on AWS.”


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Published October 2021