“Given the AWS track record in storage and compute environments, we’re confident AWS IoT will deliver both technical leadership and best-in-class cost performance on an ongoing basis."
Steve Maruyama VP of Engineering and Co-founder, EnerAllies

EnerAllies, a private technology company based in Silicon Valley, is reinventing energy management for small-format, multisite enterprises, with a focus on restaurant and retail brands such as Panera Bread, Pizza Hut, and Cycle Gear. The company provides an integrated suite of software and services that is proven to reduce HVAC energy costs by up to 30 percent annually; save on equipment repairs with predictive analytics; improve site comfort with local optimization technology; and enhance staff productivity through software automation, remote controls, proactive monitoring, and data insights services. EnerAllies is the industry's only software-centric approach, which translates into the industry’s lowest TCO by a factor of 2x, and a 6-12 month payback.

EnerAllies works with mid-market and enterprise-scale retail and restaurant chains to reduce energy and maintenance spend. The company needed a robust, cost-efficient infrastructure to reliably and securely connect a rapidly growing network of smart-connected thermostats and other IoT devices. Many of its customers, such as Panera Bread, build their brand around providing a desirable, consistent customer experience no matter the location or the weather—right down to the temperature. EnerAllies helps these customers save on energy and repair costs, manage environmental comfort, and provide the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership and fastest payback.

EnerAllies intelligent HVAC Management and Optimization System dynamically connects devices across customer sites, constantly optimizing energy savings, equipment health, and comfort in real time at the individual device level. The company requires high-performance, real-time control and monitoring, along with the ability to store and process a massive amount of data for machine learning and analytical insights.

“We needed an infrastructure provider who can leverage our unique and enormous dataset to help us continuously get smarter about how to balance and optimize these key variables across hundreds of thousands of devices in tens of thousands of sites,” says Rob Keil, CEO and co-founder of EnerAllies.

EnerAllies, in collaboration with AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Cambridge Technology, chose to move from a proprietary IoT system and infrastructure to the AWS platform and services.

“Initially, we re-architected the Virtual Energy Manager software application to work with AWS IoT,” explains Nitin Tyagi, vice president of enterprise solutions at Cambridge Technology. “We also worked with the thermostat manufacturers to enable the devices to work with AWS IoT.”

Cambridge Technology also helped EnerAllies use AWS to build a diagnostic platform that monitors on-premise equipment so customers can be notified of impending issues. "EnerAllies’ use of advanced analytics powered by Amazon Machine Learning provides customers with an early warning of equipment failure so they can avoid catastrophic outages and reduce repair costs," says Tyagi.

The AWS IoT solution for EnerAllies is built on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), because of its 99.95 percent availability, and Amazon Aurora database technology, which features a fully distributed self-healing storage system. The system includes comprehensive security capabilities, including end-to-end encryption and multilevel security for cloud services. The company leverages the breadth of technical tools AWS IoT offers, including Amazon Kinesis, which supports real-time dashboards, analytics, and alerts; Amazon Redshift for real-time data analysis; and Amazon DynamoDB, a minimal-latency database technology.

The solution also makes use of the Amazon Machine Learning tool set, which enables the application of algorithms and deep learning from pattern detection. It’s coupled with the generation and refinement of predictive models for equipment health status, energy savings optimization, and comfort optimization.

Moving forward, EnerAllies can count on the AWS IoT standardized interface and device software development kit to enable interoperability with a vast ecosystem of best-of-breed IoT devices.  

EnerAllies architecture

EnerAllies virtual energy manager solution

AWS IoT gives EnerAllies the ability to rapidly scale, ensure comprehensive security, and manage a high volume of messaging, all at a cost-effective price. “By using AWS IoT as our backend, we’re confident that we can give our clients a high-performance, secure, and reliable solution that can scale when they need it,” says Keil. “This allows us to focus our resources on further differentiating and monetizing the unique capabilities of our patented energy management software application.”

Steve Maruyama, EnerAllies VP of engineering and co-founder, notes, “It’s far more efficient for us to partner with AWS rather than try to replicate their infrastructure. The AWS IoT backend provides a robust technical tool kit. Given the AWS track record in storage and compute environments, we’re confident AWS IoT will deliver both technical leadership and best-in-class cost performance on an ongoing basis.”


AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner Cambridge Technology is a global business and technology services company. Recognized as a thought leader and innovator of enterprise solutions, it helps companies to capitalize on the convergence of cloud and big data. Cambridge Technology offers an end-to-end approach in designing and implementing enterprise IT strategies leveraging the cloud where it is possible and necessary.

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