FranklinPlanner Improves Site Scalability And Reduces Costs by 40% With Oracle Commerce On AWS

Pivotree is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS Competencies in Oracle and Retail

FranklinPlanner Wanted a Faster, Cheaper Platform and the Right Partner to Help

FranklinPlanner needed a faster turnaround on environment changes and projects and also wanted significantly reduced hosting costs. With their previous hosting provider, some changes took 2-4 weeks, which FranklinPlanner viewed as unacceptable. They knew that they needed an agile, responsive partner who could work with their in-house team in a more cooperative, intuitive manner. FranklinPlanner wanted a solution that would allow them to focus more on their business initiatives and less on IT management.

Finding a reliable partner with extensive experience in managing Oracle Commerce applications was critical. Pivotree offered the substantial cost savings and Oracle Commerce application expertise that FranklinPlanner required but also impressed them with their customer-centric culture. FranklinPlanner’s internal team would now be free to focus on the development and optimization of the on-site customer experience.

Together Pivotree and FranklinPlanner determined that migrating to AWS would bring them the cost reduction they were looking for with the elastic capability of AWS to adapt to changes in traffic volume. Environments could be spun up during the busy holiday season (September through to January) and then be eliminated afterwards, saving even more money and resources.

“We were looking for something more flexible when it came to the support model and to not have to go through as much red tape to get our builds and other configuration changes done.”

- Jared Lee, VP E-Commerce at FranklinPlanner

Pivotree Creates End-to-End Oracle Hosting Solution on AWS

In early 2018, Tenzing merged with Spark::red and Thinkwrap to create one of the largest premium Oracle Commerce/ATG implementation and managed services providers in the world: Pivotree. The newly combined expertise of Pivotree delivered a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for FranklinPlanner which included vital Managed Application Services (MAS), the flexibility of the AWS cloud, and the confidence in their site’s ability to handle traffic that load testing provided.

By providing MAS, hosting, load testing and systems integration all under one roof, Pivotree offered FranklinPlanner a partnership that resulted in higher efficiency and quality of interaction between teams. FranklinPlanner had direct communication with Pivotree’s development team and was able to quickly reach the right person with the most knowledge for each step of the project start to finish.

“The quality of people and the quality of work at Pivotree is very solid. Pivotree’s innovative solutions, team’s skillset and great attitude are just a few reasons we decided to partner with them. They were fantastic problem solvers. It is very re-assuring when you are going into this kind of project when you have staff that can not only identify but also fix the problem instead of going around the whole road of, “well we cannot fix it but we will pass it on to our Tier 3 support”. We felt like we already had the best support team on staff throughout the whole project.”

- Jared Lee, VP E-Commerce at FranklinPlanner

FranklinPlanner Achieves Desired Flexibility and Scalability

The new FranklinPlanner site went live in May 2018 and resulted in a 40% reduction in hosting and support costs. Network changes are completed within days instead of weeks and tickets are handled much faster than with the previous hosting provider.

By selecting the AWS cloud hosting solution, Pivotree delivered the flexibility and scalability that FranklinPlanner needed to innovate while retaining the stability and performance of a traditional bare metal solution.


About FranklinPlanner

FranklinPlanner provides the tools and time-tested planning principles to help you achieve what matters most. Their paper planning system guides you to identify values, create successful habits, and track and achieve goals with innovative, high-quality planners and binders tailored to your personal style. FranklinPlanner was founded in 1983 and continues to lead the way with a time-tested system, innovative products, and the highest quality markets.

About Pivotree

Pivotree is a leading end-to-end provider supporting clients from strategy, platform selection, deployment, and hosting through to ongoing support: a single expert resource to help companies succeed in an ever-changing digital commerce landscape. Pivotree solutions start with reliable, world-class Commerce and Master Data Management platforms fitting a variety of client needs, situations and budgets. Pivotree is a trusted partner to over 200 market-leading brands and forward-thinking B2C and B2B companies, including many Fortune 1000.

Published January 2020