Prime TSR Helped Government Brands Modernize and Scale Their On-Premise Solution

Executive Summary

Government Brands (CatalisGov) deep expertise, proven track record, and thoughtfully configured digital solutions have helped public servants across North America to deliver at their highest ability on behalf of their communities. The company was developing a new SaaS platform for the future of Land Tax assessment and needed a consultancy to work alongside their executive team to conduct a technical audit of their platform. It was important for Government Brands that a robust business model was also put in place. Prime TSR was able to help Government Brands by modernizing key components of their platform using Amazon Web Services (AWS) services for the technical audit and establish a solid business model. Government Brands had an aggressive acquisition strategy and needed assistance to simplify the technology platform. As a result, this solution continually meets their ROI development in the future.

Using AWS Services for Modernization

Government Brands (CatalisGov) and Prime TSR, an AWS Partner joined up to create a unique solution to pragmatically modernize the Land Nav platform on AWS. Modernizing key components utilizing Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon API Gateway and a serverless model allowed for quickly producing new features. While containerizing the core legacy components accelerated the migration of services to AWS.

“Instead of a 4-year modernization plan we and Government Brands were able to bring this platform to production-readiness in under 18 months.”

- Pat Harper, CTO, Government Brands

Establishing a Healthy Business Model

In order to create a business model for Government Brands, modern AWS architecture can help, not just serve their customers better, but also create a SaaS revenue model to accelerate their growth.

Before getting into the Tech with a bias toward action, Prime TSR’s senior team worked alongside Government Brands’ senior executive team to create a monetization plan that aligned with company revenue goals, budgetary, business goals and sales targets.

By analyzing an evaluated target customer alignment, Total Addressable Market (TAM), and other business metrics that will ultimately drive success for this application, it created a tight business model tied to the technical attributes of the project.

Think Big, Start Small: A POC That Pays for Itself

After performing an in-depth technical audit of their existing on-premises Windows platform, a Multi-Tenant proof of concept (POC) was created and built on top of AWS to display the potential of the platform. Utilizing products like AWS Lambda and API Gateway for consolidated service models to creating intelligent container strategies with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) it stood up in an environment that served the end customers' needs without a massive modernization effort of the core platform up-front. This POC was developed and deployed in 9 weeks and created the pattern to bring production releases down from a quarterly to a weekly schedule. The POC showcased the possibilities of the platform and included a detailed product roadmap paired with the technical analysis.

No More "Shiny Object Syndrome": Let's Talk About Real Benefits

The development of a minimally viable product exhibiting five services and their advantages; Cybersecurity, Cost-Optimization, Scalability, Organizational Excellence, Product and Cloud innovation.

Cybersecurity protects platforms and facilitates emergency recovery. To make sure you have the correct access at the right time for the right people, identity management and entitlement are integrated at the heart of the solution. SaaS platforms can yield much lower long-term cost benefits thanks to cost optimization, which also improves cost observability when compared to the on-premises Windows platform. Innovating on the platform in the future will keep expenses low thanks to the trend toward serverless development approaches. An on-premises infrastructure's scaling problems are completely eliminated via scalability. With ease, they can now scale. Organizational excellence delivers discipline of a repeatable framework, pattern development, and consistent designs ensuring the diverse teams are all working toward the same objectives. Last but not least, Product and Cloud Innovation illustrates how multi-tenant SaaS + cloud platforms speed up business and product innovation.

Government Brands

About Government Brands

Government Brands is the preferred partner for government software solutions and integrated payments. They support thousands of government customers of all sizes in all 50 states, municipalities, counties, and federal agencies.

About the Prime TSR

Prime TSR is an award-winning Chicago-based boutique cloud consultancy with senior experts and a strong bias for action. As an Advanced AWS Partner and #10 on Crain’s Best Places to Work in Chicago, the experienced team moves organizations forward one legacy workload at a time.

Published December 2022