Hiberus Tecnología and Tech Data Build High-Speed Content Delivery Solution on AWS

Executive Summary

AWS Select Consulting Partner Hiberus Tecnología engaged AWS Distributor Tech Data to cost-effectively build a content delivery network solution that loads 95 percent of webpages in less than 3 seconds. The Spain-based technology consultancy wanted to grow its media broadcasting business. Helped by Tech Data, Hiberus launched a competitive content management system called Xalok for online publication 20 Minutos, using Amazon CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, and Amazon S3. On AWS, Hiberus deployed Xalok in less than 6 months, reduced backend petitions by 60 percent, and decreased the number of front-end instances, thus cutting costs. Now Hiberus offers Xalok for larger media companies.

Partner Success Story – Hiberus Tecnología and Tech Data

Hiberus Tecnología, a Spanish business consultancy and AWS Select Consulting Partner, wanted to help online publication 20 Minutos accelerate content delivery to its online readership. To get started, Hiberus engaged AWS Distributor Tech Data, based on its expertise and ability to select the right content delivery network (CDN) solution. Tech Data, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, built Hiberus a content management system (CMS) that newspapers, broadcasters, and digital publishers worldwide can use to create and distribute content. Xalok, the CMS, uses Amazon CloudFront, a high-speed CDN service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds. Using Xalok, Hiberus not only increased content delivery speed for 20 Minutos but also replicated the outcomes for larger media customers.

“Being an AWS Partner gives us an advantage. We can use AWS services and be specialized in the cloud. The AWS Distribution Program has been key to our success because it gives us access to the leading distributor solutions that take our business to the next level.”

- Pablo Roc, AWS Product Manager, Hiberus

Establishing a Reputation in Media as an AWS Partner

Hiberus offers specialized cloud solutions and consulting to companies predominantly in the ecommerce and media sectors. Hiberus leverages the AWS Distribution Program, which is designed for systems integrators, managed service providers, value-added resellers, and public sector partners to resell AWS services to their customers as part of their differentiated solution. “If you have a special need because your market is different, we provide what we think is better for you and adapt our services to your idiosyncrasy,” says Pablo Roc, AWS Product Manager at Hiberus.

20 Minutos is an online news publication with 150 million monthly visits, making it the fourth largest in Spain based on the number of seen pages. Hoping to increase the speed of its website, which is critical to maintaining its online media presence, 20 Minutos turned to Hiberus Media Labs, a division of Hiberus. By building a CDN solution for 20 Minutos, Hiberus Media Labs could demonstrate its product’s speed compared to competing CMS options. That would strengthen Hiberus’s position and increase its growth in Spain’s media broadcasting industry.

Using AWS to build Xalok was a natural choice for Hiberus. “There was no other who provided the same level of satisfaction and security around these services,” says Roc. In 2019, Hiberus partnered with Tech Data for efficiency and to sharpen its value proposition. Tech Data has been an authorized AWS Distributor since 2016 and is one of the world’s largest technology distributors. Tech Data supports AWS Partners in sales and technical enablement, training and education, services augmentation, operations and billing support, and help for getting the most out of the AWS Partner Network experience.

Increasing Content Delivery Speed on AWS


About Hiberus Tecnología

Formed in 2012, Hiberus Tecnología is a technology consultancy offering cloud solutions—from systems to data analytics—to businesses across sectors such as ecommerce and media. Based in Spain, it also has offices in seven other countries.

APN Program Participation

Hiberus Media Labs manages the code and the final product of Xalok, and Hiberus uses AWS to cover the infrastructure for storage, content delivery, and data flow. Hiberus chose Amazon CloudFront as the cornerstone of Xalok because it was more cost effective than other options and was a package solution from one provider. To deliver content to users across AWS Regions with lower latency and high performance, Hiberus takes advantage of Lambda@Edge, a feature of Amazon CloudFront that lets Hiberus run code closer to application users. The Amazon CloudFront global edge network has more than 225 points of presence in 90 cities across 47 countries, including one edge location in Madrid and seven in South America, where 20 Minutos has a large readership base.

Supported by Tech Data, Hiberus deployed Xalok for 20 Minutos in less than six months. The news site migrated from a previous AWS infrastructure designed for a different CMS to a new AWS infrastructure for Xalok. The migration was thoroughly tested because 20 Minutos has a high volume of visits across time zones. Now Xalok loads 95 percent of the publication’s webpages in less than three seconds. Other AWS services that contribute to this speed include Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. The connection between Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 reduced backend petitions by 60 percent and significantly reduced the number of front-end instances, thus reducing the cost of the solution by about 15% by using the CDN+S3 combination.

Because Hiberus is using Tech Data and AWS services to manage the technical infrastructure, the company is free to innovate its products. “We don’t need to study how the network or database works because AWS is on it,” says Roc. “We can put more effort into increasing the speed of the website to better serve our customers.” Now Hiberus is using Xalok to increase content delivery speed for larger media companies, some with up to 800 million monthly visits. “Tech Data helped us arrive at a deep understanding of the application so that we can help our customers go far on their expectations and services,” says Roc.

Using an AWS Distributor to Lower Costs and Access Additional Training

Tech Data provided Hiberus with a CDN solution at a low price point. It offered Hiberus special discounts from AWS for several projects and accelerated funds for other projects. Tech Data also helped Hiberus optimize costs, and its customer aggregation tool enabled Hiberus to get more for less money by managing its AWS services and generating a financial overview of its projects. Hiberus also uses Tech Data for AWS training and certification so that it can achieve the Advanced AWS Partner level.

“We don’t need to study how the network or database works because AWS is on it. We can put more effort into increasing the speed of the website to better serve our customers.”

- Pablo Roc, AWS Product Manager, Hiberus

Expanding to the Public Sector as an AWS Partner

Next, Hiberus plans to use AWS for public service projects in Spain. “Local government and public institutions are looking for solutions that can help them improve and move from on-premises solutions to more distributed or cloud solutions,” says Roc. “AWS has been important in this business case.”

By using AWS and Tech Data, Hiberus became a contender in the media broadcasting space, cost-effectively launching a CMS that increases content delivery speed. “Being an AWS Partner gives us an advantage,” says Roc. “We can use AWS services and be specialized in the cloud. Also, the AWS Distribution Program has been key to our success because it gives us access to the leading distributor solutions that take our business to the next level.”

Josep Ramon Puigmartí, Business Development Manager, Tech Data

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Published May 2021