Onix and AWS Help Financial Services Firm Move to the AWS Cloud

Executive Summary

JP Recovery Services, Inc., a financial services and payment resolution firm, learned that the provider of one of its core applications would no longer provide this service as part of its AWS cloud platform. The customer needed to migrate to cloud services to continue leveraging this key application and wanted to tap the expertise of an experienced partner to help them do that. Onix assisted the customer, from setting up an AWS account — to deploying and then transitioning to the cloud. The Onix team established a trust-based relationship to support JP Recovery Services, Inc. with ongoing infrastructure management.

Customer Challenge

With no cloud experience, JP Recovery needed to create its own Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) in AWS that communicates with Ontario Systems software and its own customers. Ontario Systems used to host the SFTP but discontinued doing this. Therefore, JP Recovery needed assistance from an experienced partner to set up the AWS account and deploy the appropriate architecture. It also required ongoing support for its servers and storage needs.

“The Onix Team helped us to set up and transition to a new AWS environment. They provided training and documentation to our staff for their future requirements. The Onix team’s excellent project coordination guaranteed the success of the software deployment. This initial migration to cloud services is preparing us for a complete move to the cloud in the next phase. We are counting on Onix to be with us every step of the way.”

- Nancy McMurtrey, Director, Service and Support, JP Recovery Services, Inc.

Partner Solution

Onix worked with the organization to carefully match their requirements related to their use of the Ontario Systems application with the architecture and services available in AWS. Onix's team guided JP Recovery Services as they set up their AWS account, and led them through their cloud foundations. Onix then deployed the architecture and other services including two RHEL servers that run in Amazon Elastic Compute Compound (Amazon EC2). The Onix team established the connection to the storage provided by Ontario Systems located in the Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) service, and helped to migrate the application to a JP Recovery account on AWS. JP Recovery Services then worked with the software vendor to cut over to the new environment running on AWS. Onix resources seamlessly accessed the AWS environment and the Ontario Systems platform through a secure VPN gateway and authenticated off site users through an Internet gateway. After the deployment, Onix continued to provide infrastructure management support to JP Recovery Services.

Why AWS?

The customer’s application provider, Ontario Systems, had discontinued a critical cloud application from their hosting environment. JP Recovery Services, Inc. relied heavily on the SFTP, so the transition left them only two options:

  • Deploy the software in-house: This option would require significant ongoing security requirements that would not be within the current infrastructure budget.
  • Set up its own AWS instance to continue utilizing the existing Ontario Systems solution with the expert help of an experienced AWS partner: This option had the potential to allow the company to move ahead quickly with a world-class cloud provider.
In order to mitigate the disruptive impact on daily operations — and to move quickly, the company chose to migrate to AWS by partnering with Onix for help with every step of the transition.
jprs-sftp - JPRS-HLD

High level architecture diagram designed to show the integration of MOVEit file transfer application in AWS with Ontario Systems billing application.

Why Onix?

With no internal cloud experience, JP Recovery Services chose Onix because they wanted a deeply knowledgeable and experienced local partner whom they trusted to assist with their migration to AWS. Their other requirement was to work with a trusted MSP provider that could support them after their infrastructure migration. The customer knew they needed assistance setting up the AWS account, deploying the appropriate architecture, and managing the connection longer term. They felt very confident with Onix and its expertise with AWS. In addition, since JP Recovery Services anticipates transitioning more workloads to the cloud as part of their strategy to avoid downtime, Onix would then continue to manage that infrastructure, easing the burden on the customer’s internal IT resources.

Impact & Results

The benefits are many, including:

  • Quick access to the newest version of their application for current and newer cloud-based releases
  • Minimal disruption in daily operations as no downtime was required
  • Zero time spent managing and updating infrastructure, freeing them to focus solely on their core business            
  • Easing the burden on internal IT resources
JP Recovery Services

About JP Recovery Services, Inc.

JP Recovery Services, Inc., is a financial services and payment resolution firm that works with a diverse spectrum of organizations to deliver revenue cycle solutions customized to each customer's needs. Its data-driven approach integrates cloud-based technology, analytical recommendation software, and multi-channel communications to work as an extension of its customers' internal teams. JP Recovery Services, Inc., provides seamless services and a positive financial experience to customers.

About Onix

Onix is an AWS Partner offering consulting services that strives to help customers increase organizational efficiency through cloud-computing solutions. Its expertise covers data and analytics, app modernization and migration, cloud adoption, and MSP. With proven success across hundreds of customers, it builds agile yet scalable solutions by partnering with AWS to accelerate customer experience and back its strategic planning and deployment expertise with incomparable service, training, and support.

Published October 2021