Logicworks is a cloud automation and managed service provider with 22 years of experience transforming enterprise IT. As a Premier APN Consulting Partner, Logicworks specializes in building, managing, and optimizing complex and secure AWS environments for global enterprises. The company’s solutions help protect the health information of more than 50 million Americans, financial data for global ecommerce organizations, and legal data for 40,000 law firms. Logicworks is based in New York City with offices in Seattle and London. The company is an AWS Managed Service Provider, and it holds AWS competencies in DevOps, Healthcare, and Marketing & Commerce.

Over the course of two decades, Logicworks developed significant operational expertise in enterprise hosting and infrastructure strategy. Logicworks engineers are constantly exploring new technologies, and its engineers saw the enormous potential of the AWS platform. Logicworks rapidly developed expertise on the platform and institutionalized it into its service portfolio to meet the growing demand for the platform among current customers and prospects. “As systems management has evolved, infrastructure-as-code requires a completely new managed service delivery model,” says Jason Deck, vice president of strategic development, Logicworks. “Automation, scalability, and compliance are table stakes for enterprise-grade cloud delivery.” As Logicworks considered how to best meet enterprise customer demands while changing its delivery model, it decided the cloud offered the most potential. “Everything now is software- and API-driven, so a cloud model made a lot of sense,” Deck says. “If we could use software to do the more advanced tasks we were doing manually before, we thought we could provide a radically superior level of service and help our customers be more agile, while offering more advanced solutions.”

The degree of customer demand for AWS has exceeded expectations for the Logicworks team. “The decision to invest in AWS was an easy one for us. Amazon was—and still is—far ahead of the competition in the public cloud space,” says Deck.

Enterprise customers are often deeply invested in the cloud as part of company-wide digital transformations, and APN Consulting Partners can provide invaluable guidance to enterprise teams as they build on AWS. Logicworks helps enterprise clients understand the power of infrastructure-as-code and harness the full breadth of AWS services to meet their unique application requirements. “Managing AWS requires a deep understanding of the customer application and operating frameworks to map infrastructure strategy to application and business strategy,” says Stephanie Tayengco, senior vice president of operations at Logicworks. “Logicworks combines its sophisticated MSP support model with robust cloud automation capabilities to enable high availability, security, and compliance. We help enterprises realize the full value of AWS.”

Logicworks’ solutions include the use of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) on-demand instances, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring AWS resources. Logicworks also uses Amazon Redshift to help customers analyze their data, and AWS CloudFormation to build and manage AWS resources. “It’s critical that AWS environments are repeatable in terms of security and reliability,” says Tayengco. “We rely heavily on AWS CloudFormation to standardize our builds.”

Logicworks also takes advantage of AWS CodeDeploy, a service that provides a standard code deployment pipeline to Amazon EC2 instances. “Our customers want to streamline their application deployment process to support their ongoing DevOps transformations,” Tayengco says. “We are developing services based on AWS CodeDeploy and other AWS tools to standardize the automation framework.”

Through its relationship with AWS, Logicworks has transformed the way it delivers value to clients. “Rather than deploying and managing dedicated infrastructure, our AWS engineers script and automate infrastructure purely with software,” says Deck. “That’s a 180-degree change from what this industry has experienced in the past 20 years, and it's very exciting for our company and our customers.” Through this new approach, Logicworks is better able to meet customer demands for agility. “With a cloud-based model, application deployment and maintenance are software-driven for our customers, so they are more modular, flexible, and transparent,” says Deck. “They can automate application deployment in a way that allows their infrastructure to be responsive to the application, even when the application changes.”

By being more agile, Logicworks customers can get their critical applications up and running faster than before. Logicworks was able to help one customer build and deploy a HIPAA-compliant public sector infrastructure for tens of millions of users in four weeks. “In the previous hosting world, our customers would have been amazed if they could do that in four months, which would have already been a compressed time frame for them,” says Tayengco. Similarly, Logicworks helped a European ecommerce company quickly migrate its billing platform to AWS. “They had 22 days to move a platform with half a billion customer transactions,” Tayengco recalls. “We had already helped them move their European platform to AWS, so we were able to move their U.S. platform to AWS in less than 10 days.”

Logicworks continues to experience steady business growth both in the U.S. and internationally. “Because of the scalability and availability of AWS, we can deploy services for customers across the globe and have seen a spike in demand from the new AWS European regions,” says Deck. “The market in Europe is becoming more mature in terms of cloud services, and we have opened a U.K. office to address that demand.”

Logicworks has also been able to differentiate its business by participating in the AWS Competency Program, designed to highlight APN partners who've demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. In fact, Logicworks is one of the few APN partners with the DevOps, Healthcare, and Marketing & Commerce Competencies. “There are tens of thousands of firms in the AWS Partner ecosystem, and it’s important that customers are able to easily identify APN Partners that have proven expertise in specific solution areas,” says Deck. “The AWS Competency Program helps us connect with customers with specific business needs. Because AWS validates the work we do in specific solution areas, it provides some clarity to the marketplace.” Logicworks has also invested heavily in AWS training and certification. Says Tayengco, “More than 50 percent of our entire company is certified. Everyone from accounting professionals to salespeople, and even our CEO, is certified. This broad knowledge base at every level of our organization brings a lot of value and expertise to our customers.”

Logicworks will continue its relationship with AWS and invest heavily in emerging AWS services and technologies to bring new capabilities to its customers. For example, Logicworks plans to utilize newer AWS services such as the Amazon EC2 Container Service to capitalize on industry trends including the use of containers for application development. “We definitely see a shift going on right now in the industry, with more companies moving toward containers to develop and deploy their applications,” says Deck. “We will be able to stay in front of that trend—and other technology trends—by continuing to work with AWS. We are always looking for the next problem we can be great at solving for our customers. The more AWS features and services we can discover and become certified on, the better we will be at doing that.”

Adds Deck, “AWS is releasing new services and features at a breakneck pace, but many of our customers don’t have the resources, skills, or training they need to take advantage of those new services. By staying up to date and trained on the latest AWS technologies, the Logicworks team can operate as a research and development organization for our customers. We learn, understand, test, and deploy new AWS services and features ourselves, and then help our clients benefit from AWS innovation.”

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