Magic Beans Helps MedicineOne Migrate to AWS and Meet Key Compliance Goals

Executive Summary

MedicineOne improved availability, boosted business agility, and met its compliance goals using AWS. The healthcare software developer needed to upgrade its infrastructure and enhance its security features using a high-performing, flexible, and robust IT solution. The company chose to migrate from its on-premises environment to AWS and engaged AWS Partner Magic Beans to provide cloud professional services, including training for its team. Using ongoing support from Magic Beans, MedicineOne can continue modernizing its applications and working to transition to a software-as-a-service delivery model.

Seeking Modernization to Support Compliance

Portugal-based software company MedicineOne specializes in developing intelligent healthcare solutions and serves a customer base that includes public health systems and large companies with strict compliance requirements. It’s important for the company to maintain an IT infrastructure that facilitates security, reliability, and high performance. So, when the company needed to upgrade its aging on-premises systems, it looked for a robust solution that it could implement quickly with confidence.

MedicineOne decided to migrate its on-premises infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) because using AWS offered agility and supported its compliance needs. MedicineOne already had a strong working relationship with AWS Partner Magic Beans and decided that continuing to work with Magic Beans to adopt AWS was a natural fit for its goals. With Magic Beans, MedicineOne has made progress on its cloud adoption journey and is moving toward its goal of modernizing its applications and transitioning them to software-as-a-service models. It has also achieved its immediate compliance goals, accelerated speed to market, and grown by 30 percent year over year.

“One of the main goals was to satisfy the security requirements of a large American healthcare company—and MedicineOne achieved it easily. Almost 80 percent of the healthcare company’s requests were completed simply by deploying the infrastructure on AWS.”

- Vítor Rodrigues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Magic Beans

Helping MedicineOne Achieve Agility in the Cloud

Magic Beans is an AWS Partner offering cloud professional services. The cloud-native company, which operates in Portugal, Spain, and Belgium, has a mission to help its customers further their digital transformation journeys and to select and implement the right digital accelerators to produce positive business impacts.

Magic Beans’ customer, MedicineOne, needed to upgrade its on-premises infrastructure to better meet the reliability, agility, and compliance needs of its business. In particular, MedicineOne had been approached by one of its own customers, a large American healthcare company, which had requested that MedicineOne deliver enhanced security features to comply with the company’s certification requirements. Rather than purchase new servers and upgrade its infrastructure on premises, MedicineOne opted for the faster, more cost-effective solution of migrating to AWS. “MedicineOne decided to adopt AWS to facilitate security and compliance as well as gain the ability to upscale, downscale, and maximize agility,” says Vítor Rodrigues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Magic Beans.

Magic Beans had previously helped MedicineOne deploy a data warehouse on AWS to support a customer analytics offering. Building on this effort, the company worked with MedicineOne to migrate the software developer’s infrastructure to AWS. By using AWS, Magic Beans and MedicineOne gained access to a large variety of options to suit their solution needs, from regular AWS services to solutions in the AWS Marketplace, where customers can find software that runs on AWS. “What made using AWS a good experience for the team was the freedom of choice,” says Rodrigues.

MedicineOne migrated to an infrastructure that relies on compute resources from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)—which offers reliable, scalable infrastructure on demand—alongside AWS services that include load balancing, logging and monitoring, and security services. Additionally, for database management, MedicineOne adopted Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), which lets companies deploy and scale the relational database engines of their choice.

Facilitating Compliance, Flexibility and Knowledge Transfer

Magic Beans approached the migration systematically with two key goals: maintaining MedicineOne’s service availability and transferring cloud knowledge to its team. Migrating service by service and providing training at each step, MedicineOne and Magic Beans completed the migration in 4 months. Working with Magic Beans, MedicineOne delivered a seamless customer experience during the migration, and it is now positioned to deliver performance enhancements on AWS as it continues its modernization project. It has also achieved much higher availability compared with its previous on-premises solution.

By migrating to AWS, MedicineOne enhanced its security qualifications and met its key compliance goals. “One of the main goals was to satisfy the security requirements of a large American healthcare company—and MedicineOne achieved it easily,” says Rodrigues. “Almost 80 percent of the healthcare company’s requests were completed simply by deploying the infrastructure on AWS.” MedicineOne can now better meet the security requirements of its large customers.

MedicineOne can also respond more quickly and flexibly to business demands, which has increased its speed to market. “For example, it’s easy to create a new VPN with a client,” says Ricardo Antunes, system administrator at MedicineOne. “When we need some configurations, they’re all done in a matter of minutes, and the VPN is up and running.” The flexibility to quickly add new resources also helps MedicineOne avoid the logistical challenges of procuring physical equipment.

Magic Beans supports MedicineOne by providing technical assistance along with best practices in managing costs, governance, security, and availability. This expertise is delivered promptly as part of Magic Beans’ managed services. “Magic Beans has great knowledge of AWS,” says Antunes. “When we need help with something technical or less out of the box, Magic Beans assists us in a very fast, professional way.” Also, since the migration to AWS, Magic Beans has provided MedicineOne monthly outlines with all the pertinent information about the deployments.

Advancing Modernization and Growth Goals

In 2022, Magic Beans plans to help MedicineOne work on the next steps of its digital transformation: the modernization of its applications and the transition to delivering them under a software-as-a-service model. “MedicineOne believes that its new business agility and efforts to make its software more modular are strategic and will be key differentiators as it faces future growth,” says Rodrigues.

Since migrating to AWS, MedicineOne has seen 30 percent year-over-year growth and has reduced its costs by 10 percent. “We have a long-term plan to keep working together and learning from each other,” says Rodrigues. “Magic Beans is learning a lot about healthcare needs and demands, and I believe that MedicineOne is learning a lot from Magic Beans about the effective deployment of IT projects on AWS.”


About MedicineOne

MedicineOne is a software development company for the healthcare industry. Its software supports small and large healthcare facilities as well as public and private health systems. Founded in Portugal, MedicineOne is now on four continents.

About Magic Beans

Founded in 2017, Magic Beans is a cloud professional services company that supports organizations in their digital transformation journeys through both technical and change management expertise. Magic Beans is also an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and an AWS Public Sector Partner.

Published May 2022