Italian Casting and Machining Group C2MAC Builds Reliable Foundation for Growth with AWS

Executive Summary

Italian casting and machining group C2MAC turned to AWS to reduce business risk as it expanded its operations through a series of acquisitions. Switching to AWS helped the group improve the availability of its IT infrastructure, overcome issues with legacy technology, and tap into modern IT capabilities, such as IoT.

Italian Casting and Machining Group C2MAC Builds Reliable Foundation for Growth with AWS

C2MAC Group has been operating casting and machining plants across Italy for more than 50 years. The group traces its origins back to the Fonderie di Montorso business in north east Italy, a gray cast iron plant that creates components used in the agriculture, automotive, and construction industries. Seeing opportunities to expand the business, the group has been rapidly acquiring manufacturing plants across the country—four in the past year. Now C2MAC combines the best foundry technologies with mechanical machining to offer quality with specialization in hydraulics and seal rings.

A major challenge when creating the new group has been integrating the new companies, supporting manufacturing continuity, and ensuring full use of production plant capacity. These factors mean the IT infrastructure has become even more crucial. The group’s attempts to run all of the systems to ensure efficient operations required extensive management by the internal IT team. The legacy technologies it relied on were not flexible enough to accommodate all of the change and were becoming too costly and time-consuming to maintain. “Our main concern is reducing any risk to keep our plants operating at maximum capacity at all times,” says Paolo Viola, chief financial officer at the C2MAC Group. “The IT infrastructure is one of the main elements supporting our manufacturing continuity.” 

“Moving to AWS is the beginning of our digital transformation. And AWS has proved to be the right provider to help our development now and going forward.”

-  Paolo Viola, Chief Financial Officer, C2MAC Group

Moving to the Cloud Boosts Reliability and Reduces Risk

To achieve the business growth it desired, the group realized it was time to modernize its IT. It turned to local AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Miriade, which recommended moving its on-premises resources to Amazon Web Services (AWS), starting with its core ERP processes running on SAP.

“The plan was to evolve the infrastructure from only on-premises to hybrid cloud, and to migrate the core ERP processes to the cloud,” says Matteo Durighetto, data architect at Miriade.

Miriade helped C2MAC both design the infrastructure and manage the Moving to the cloud simplified maintenance for the IT team and improved reliability, reducing the risk that its workshops could not operate efficiently. Miriade also implemented the business continuity capability.

With AWS, C2MAC has reduced the number of IT maintenance tasks by 62 percent and has seen a 15 percent reduction in service interruptions caused by system malfunctions.
“It was important to be able to have high availability in case of failure of an availability zone, and to migrate with the minimum downtime possible for the infrastructure,” says Durighetto.

AWS also provides centralized tools that help the IT team easily manage its resources, and has reduced the costs associated with the testing and quality-control environments. In total, the company has seen a 37 percent reduction in total cost of ownership for IT operations, compared to its previous setup.

“Working with Miriade and AWS has given us the ability to easily integrate the IT operations of all of the new businesses we’ve acquired,” says Viola.

As well as helping C2MAC with the infrastructure design and migration, Miriade has raised the level of AWS expertise within the C2MAC IT team. “Because we want to keep growing, it’s important for us to develop our IT staff,” says Viola. “Working with Miriade has allowed us to develop the internal AWS skills that we’ll need in the future.”

Forging a Future with AWS

By using the AWS infrastructure-as-code capabilities with Terraform and AWS Launch Wizard, Miriade was able to quickly and easily configure its systems. This also makes it easier to evolve the architecture and deploy additional AWS services that will create new value for the business. The group has been so happy with the reliability and performance of the AWS solution that it now plans to move additional database workloads into the cloud. It is also looking to Miriade to help it manage GDPR compliance for customer data, take advantage of auto-scaling for future applications, and integrate external suppliers with C2MAC systems through Amazon API Gateway.

“For us, the first step is moving from on-premises to the cloud. Now we are in a good position to start to speed up areas such as data integration, analytics, IoT, and machine learning, with the goal of further improving the value proposition to our customers,” says Viola. C2MAC is investigating the AWS capabilities around the Internet of Things (IoT) as a way to better integrate its various plants with the company’s IT system. “The idea is to create new types of data flow from on-premises to the cloud, which will be near real-time data for analysis. With the cloud, it’s faster to develop these things.”
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About C2MAC Group

C2MAC Group controls the foundry and machining activities consolidated into Fonderie di Montorso, which encompasses companies such as Fonderia Scaranello, Fondmatic Hydraulic Machining, Perucchini, Nuova Torneria Zanotti, and Mecaf. The group is majority owned by the Italian Fondo Italiano Consolidamento e Crescita and employs more than 700 people, with a turnover of approximately €130 million. The combined group drives technological development and structural growth by offering significant employment opportunities in the sector.

About Miriade

Miriade implements IT solutions that allow enterprises to look to the future, supporting them from the design of the project up to the execution, with design thinking workshops and agile project management methodology. The focus is on data engineering, advanced analytics, migration, and DevOps. Miriade collaborate with well-known companies in the manufacturing and retail sector as well as with the public sector.

Published February 2022