AWS Partner Story: Port of New Orleans & Druva

Druva is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Helping Government Organizations Find a Better Way to Protect Critical Data

Many government organizations today face major challenges when it comes to protecting their data, because aging IT infrastructures make it difficult to efficiently address stringent data backup and security requirements.

That’s where Druva comes in. The company provides data management-as-a-service solutions that help public-sector organizations manage data protection, analytics, and governance. A prime example is the Port of New Orleans, which processes more than 1 million passengers through cruise terminals each year and is a leading U.S. port for the import and export of a variety of cargo. For many years, the Port relied on an outdated, manual-intensive infrastructure. “The Port of New Orleans had different data backup appliances, and it took multiple days to retrieve data,” states Nick Wagner, Senior Account Executive at Druva.

Also, data was not centralized, leaving the Port at risk in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. In addition, the organization had major concerns about the security of its data. “The Port follows Homeland Security and Coast Guard standards for data security,” Wagner says. “This is highly sensitive data that is important to the nation’s security, but the Port needed a much more effective data protection solution.”

Building a Data Protection Platform on AWS

To help the Port of New Orleans and other government organizations solve their data protection challenges, Druva chose to standardize on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. “We knew we wanted to create SaaS offerings in the cloud, and AWS offered the best combination of features, reliability, and support,” states Wagner. Druva also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) and became an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, AWS Storage Competency Partner, AWS Government Competency PartnerAWS Public Sector Partner, and AWS Digital Workplace Competency Partner.

Druva built its unified data protection platform on AWS. Its solutions include scalable backup, disaster recovery, and archiving and data analytics.

The Druva platform runs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and takes advantage of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon S3 Glacier to store and archive data in encrypted form. In addition, Druva uses Amazon DynamoDB as a landing place for customers’ metadata, and the company runs extensive analytics on top of that metadata.

Druva also provides a cloud solution for government customers built on the AWS GovCloud (US), an isolated AWS Region that houses sensitive workloads. The AWS GovCloud platform complies with US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) requirements.

"If I had to recommend Druva to a peer, I would tell them to look at the security that Druva has to offer, and how it’s such an easy product to use. If you compare it to any other competitor, you’ll see that Druva comes out on top."

- David Cordell, Chief Technology Officer, The Port of New Orleans

Cutting Backup and Restore Times from Hours to Minutes

By offering its data protection solutions on AWS, Druva can help its government customers reduce data backup times and gain new efficiencies overall. For example, the Port of New Orleans has been able to reduce backup and restore times from 4–8 hours per system to under 30 minutes. “The move to Druva gave us the opportunity to consolidate data that was previously dispersed throughout the enterprise and offsite,” says David Cordell, Chief Information Officer of the Port of New Orleans. “We have the ability to restore and backup data within seconds and continue to meet data requirements and business directives in a timely manner.”

Because the Druva platform is easy to use, Port of New Orleans end users can restore files on their own, which has led to a 60–70 percent reduction in calls to the IT department. Also, the Port has better visibility into its stored data, ensuring the data is secure and compliant with federal regulations. “We have zero access to our customers’ data, while they have full access,” Wagner remarks. “Their data is fully encrypted end to end in the cloud. And because the data is consolidated in a central location in Druva, customers like the Port of New Orleans can more easily access critical data such as updated tracking information on ships and containers.”

Druva is also helping its customers save money. “Amazon DynamoDB is critical to our solutions, because we can use it to store metadata, which allows us to run our analytics natively within AWS as a pure SaaS solution. No appliances are needed,” says Joe Nestor, Director of Strategic Partnership Sales for Druva. “Our customers pay only for what they consume on the backend, post-deduplication and compression. And because our solution is based on AWS, customers don’t have to worry about managing storage, tape libraries, or compute infrastructure.”

Driving Business Growth and Innovation

As an AWS Partner, Druva is benefiting from its close relationship with AWS. “Druva is a fast-growing company, but we’re not a household name at this point, and many of our competitors outspend us in marketing,” states Nestor. “However, AWS is a household name, and we can more easily get an audience with prospective customers because of that. As we continue to establish brand awareness, that will become more and more important for us.”

By working with AWS, Druva can focus on innovating instead of maintaining infrastructure. “If we weren’t running our solutions on AWS, we would be spending too much effort and money maintaining data centers,” says Wagner. “Now, we can focus on innovation. We are bringing a truly disruptive cloud-native approach to a $30 billion market that hasn’t had a lot of real innovation in the last 30 years.”

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Port of New Orleans is a modern multimodal gateway for global commerce and an in-demand cruise port. It delivers seamless, integrated logistics solutions between river, rail, and road.

About Druva

Druva is a fast-growing provider of cloud-based data protection solutions. The company’s solutions are used by more than 4,000 global organizations in government and other industries. Druva solutions help customers transform data availability and governance, reducing the risk, effort, and cost of managing critical information.