Redis OSS

“We use ElastiCache for Redis as a shared cache to an auto-scaling group of EC2 instances for our API management Platform, to get high availability and low latency. We wanted to have atomic increments as well as sorted sets. We were also concerned about availability and read performance across Multiple AZs. Because of these needs, we chose ElastiCache for Redis."

Frank Weibe, Principal Scientist – Adobe

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"Managed services like ElastiCache let us focus on the core of our business. Our operations team consists of only two full time engineers. Running a site like Airbnb with such a small team would be impossible without services like ElastiCache. Spinning up and maintaining nodes in our cluster is fast and easy."

Tobi Knaup, Technical Lead – Airbnb

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Amazon GameOn

Amazon GameOn Achieves Ultra-Low Latency, Simple Change Processes Using Amazon DynamoDB and ElastiCache.

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"Amazon Music Feature Repository (MFR) is a fully managed ML feature store utilized to store, share, and manage ML features to power personalization. MFR supports high throughput at low latency for online inference and is used repeatedly by dozens of teams across Amazon Music to maintain a consistent personalized experience. ElastiCache provides low latency storage and retrieval for 1 TB of ML features and is simple for the MFR team to manage for peak traffic. MFR with ElastiCache raises the bar for downstream teams with strict latency requirements by delivering batches of ML features at low latencies across North America, European Union and Far East regions (Music Search, Voice/Echo)."

David Follmer, Software Development Manager – Amazon Music

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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific took advantage of Amazon ElastiCache to provide in-memory data caching to speed up web application performance and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for storing the site’s static imagery.

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coffee meets bagel
“For startup companies, time is really important. Not needing to perform management tasks, provision hardware, check software patches, and maintain infrastructure gives us a lot more time to work on our ideas and our algorithms. One of the greatest features of ElastiCache is that it is very quickly up to date with the latest stable versions of Redis. It enables us to scale out easily, while still having that magic layer of redundancy in case things go wrong. It’s empowering when we, as engineers, can spin up a new Redis instance in minutes without having to think about maintenance, and we can rely on a hardened version of Redis.”

Daniel Pyrathon and David O'Steen, Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Data Team Lead – Coffee Meets Bagel

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Coralogix offers a machine learning-powered observability solution that enables paying by data prioritization rather than volume. Coralogix improves not only performance but also customers’ ability to query, monitor, and manage data in real-time.

“Thousands of global-leading companies use the Coralogix Log Analytics service to power their businesses. Because of the criticality of this data and our customers’ desire to both increase uptime and decrease troubleshooting time, we selected and rely on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis for our caching and pub/sub needs on over 100 terabytes of data every day.”

Yoni Farin, CTO & co-founder – Coralogix


Coupa is a leader in business spend management (BSM), and enables companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer. It offers value to over 2,000 customers across the global as a software as a service (SaaS) product for BSM, hosted primarily on AWS. In this blog post, learn why Coupa migrated from a self-hosted Redis to fully managed Amazon ElastiCache for Redis.

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DBS Bank Ltd. (DBS) is a financial services group in Asia that offers innovative financial services to support a wide range of customers, including trading companies. Over the decades, the bank’s quantitative pricing engines helped traders identify the most profitable opportunities using in-house algorithms. These pricing engines were hosted on-premises using various legacy databases, which were costly to maintain and difficult to scale. DBS chose to build a cloud-based solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and used Amazon ElastiCache for Redis to improve its pricing query response time by 100x, scale to support hundreds of thousands of read/write processes per second, and achieve significant cost savings.

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Dream11 is the world's largest fantasy sports platform, with more than 100 million users, and hosts thousands of contests every day across multiple live sporting events. In this blog post, learn how Dream11 uses Amazon ElastiCache for Redis and Amazon Neptune to scale its social sports platform and reach its true potential to serve all their users with scalable, reliable, and highly available purpose-built databases.

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"Amazon ElastiCache has played an absolutely critical part in our infrastructure from the beginning," said Max Blaze, Staff Operations Engineer at Duolingo. "As we have grown, we have pushed the limits of what is possible with single-shard clusters. ElastiCache for Redis online resharding will allow us to easily scale our Redis clusters horizontally as we grow, greatly simplifying the management of our many Redis clusters, empowering us to scale quickly while also reducing cost across our caching layers, and continue to grow with minimal changes to our current services."

Max Blaze, Staff Operations Engineer – Duolingo

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“We use ElastiCache Redis for an application that collects data for our test & learn experiments, processing ~200 million messages a day. We are using DynamoDB as a main data-store, fronting it with ElastiCache Redis. With ElastiCache Redis we were able to decrease our provisioned DynamoDB capacity by 90%, reducing total database cost by 6x. It is fully managed and offers us benefits such as convenient metrics as well as Multi-AZ. While we haven’t had the need to fall back to a read replica yet, it is great to know that if something goes bad, we will have the read replica automatically promoted to mitigate the impact on our application.”

Kuldeep Chowhan, Engineering Manager - Expedia


Genesys is a leader in customer experience that helps organizations engage with customers across any channel and empower employees in the contact center and beyond.

“At Genesys, we use Amazon ElastiCache to power high-throughput, low-latency storage for our cloud customer experience platform, enabling millions of customer interactions per day. We were excited to use Amazon ElastiCache Serverless to experience its performance without the overhead of provisioning instances and choosing specific configuration settings and scaling. With Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, we can remove administrative overhead and offer a significant leap in stability while providing the scalability we need to handle our growing usage and variable workloads.” 
Rob Gevers, Chief Architect – Genesys
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Grab is an online transportation network and technology company with the goal to make transportation accessible to everyone. Grab is available across six countries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. By using Amazon Redshift and Amazon ElastiCache, Grab is able to use real time data computation and data streams to support 1.5 million bookings in Southeast Asia.

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HBO Max is a direct-to-consumer streaming platform available in 61 countries that offers best-in-class quality entertainment. HBO Max uses Amazon ElastiCache for Redis to deliver ultra-fast, device-specific landing pages to their subscribers, manage seasonal spikes from highly anticipated worldwide releases, and realize significant cost savings. In this re:Invent session, learn how HBO Max uses ElastiCache to cost-effectively scale and delight more than 76 million subscribers around the world.

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“We use ElastiCache to cache search results of the HERE Geocoder API, a web service that finds an address or resolves a geo-location into an address. The HERE Geocoder API serves more than 400 million requests a day. Using ElastiCache significantly reduces average response times which are critical to our consumer, automotive and enterprise users. At the same time we reduced operational costs by shifting load from expensive CPU-optimized instances to lower cost cache node instances."

Wiebke Krasting, Principal Architect - HERE


Hulu built Live TV service and Cloud DVR platform on AWS using Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Aurora and more.

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LG’s ThinQ platform stores data in Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon DynamoDB, which provide historical data for services.

“With the previous infrastructure, we retrieved data directly from devices to get status information. Now, the Device Shadow Service feature for AWS IoT enables the system to cache the status information from the server. This feature has made it possible to deliver better service consistency.”

Kunwoo Kim, Chief of the Service Development Team – LG Cloud Center

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MapMyIndia is a leading provider of digital maps, geospatial software, and location-based IoT technologies.

“We serve transportation companies and applications that experience unpredictable levels of traffic throughout the day. We invested significant time estimating capacity based on traffic patterns and workload type, but sudden and unpredictable throughput changes often required that we overprovision to ensure optimal performance. With Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, we can now deploy a low-latency cache that instantly scales to meet our application’s capacity requirements without downtime, and we only pay for the capacity we use.”

Vishwajit Pathak, Head of Technology – MapMyIndia

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McDonald’s uses a number of AWS services including Amazon EC2, and Amazon ElastiCache to support its global POS system.

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MIO Partners Inc. is a global investment and advisory institution.

“Our developers spend significant time evaluating usage, configuring node types, and designing cluster topologies to set up and configure cache capacity. With Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, we can create a cache in less than a minute without any infrastructure provisioning, configuration, or capacity planning. Amazon ElastiCache Serverless eliminates the need for time-consuming capacity planning, improving our cost efficiencies and providing us with better operational reliability. Now, we can redeploy the team of engineers who were previously engaged in managing Redis to projects that deliver higher value for our clients.”
Anand Mishra, Chief Technology Officer – MIO Partners, Inc.
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MYCOM OSI offers assurance, automation, and analytics software as a service (SaaS) applications for the digital era. MYCOM OSI migrated its Assurance Cloud Service™ application, which provides critical end-to-end performance, fault, and service quality management and supports AI and machine learning (ML)-driven closed-loop assurance, from self-managed Redis to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

“As part of our strategic relationship with AWS, we efficiently collaborated and arrived at our production-grade design and migration strategy. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis improves on the observability, manageability, reliability, scalability, and efficiency of our self-managed option. It simplified our security compliance, opened up the option to easily move into cross-Region replication architectures, and helped us realize cost-optimization targets by moving into AWS Graviton2 instances."

Dirk Michel, SVP of SaaS Technology & Solutions Architecture – MYCOM OSI

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Near is a global leader in privacy-led data intelligence, and curates the world's largest source of intelligence on people, places, and products. Near processes data from over 1.6 billion monthly users in 44 countries to empower marketing and operational data leaders to optimize their business results. In this blog post, learn how Near reduced latency by four times and achieved 99.9% uptime by migrating to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis.

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PayPay Corporation is one of Japan's leading mobile payments applications, with more than 30 million users completing millions of cashless transactions every day. PayPay has been using Amazon ElastiCache for Redis both as a distributed cache and a low-latency persistent data store.

“We chose ElastiCache because we needed a fully managed and highly scalable distributed Redis cluster for numerous microservices. For example, our authentication service is based on access tokens stored in ElastiCache for Redis. Because every API call requires authentication, this service handles a huge amount of traffic per second and requires sub-millisecond performance. ElastiCache for Redis makes this possible.”

Shilei Long, Senior Software Architect – PayPay Corporation


In-home fitness company Peloton relies on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis to power its on-demand, live leaderboard. Peloton’s leaderboard requires high elasticity, low latency, and real-time processing to deliver customizable rider data for the community of users riding together virtually from the comfort of their home.

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"ElastiCache allows Rokt to handle our dataset’s hyper growth without impacting our clients’ user experience. Given the nature of our workload, ElastiCache data tiering is perfect for us, allowing us to continue our growth at a fraction of the price with virtually unnoticeable performance impact. AWS enables Rokt to focus on product innovation rather than rethink underlying infrastructure, which is paramount as leaders in the e-commerce technology space."

Corey Bertram, Chief Technology Officer – Rokt 

SmartThings is a home automation platform enabling customers to easily connect and control smart home devices.

"SmartThings enables our customers to easily connect and control smart home devices. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a critical piece of our architecture to process millions of home automation requests per day, and we need to ensure that the cache always has adequate capacity. The difficulty in right-sizing for sudden and unpredictable traffic changes often meant that we ended up overprovisioning. With Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, we no longer worry about cluster scaling and optimizing its costs—it just works.”

Khang Nguyen, Vice President of Cloud Platforms – SmartThings

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Lime Light
“Prior to our migration from a traditional data center to AWS, we handled all our user and API session management within our transactional database. Although moving from traditional MySQL to Amazon Aurora greatly improved our system performance and reliability, within a month of our AWS migration, we decided to move all our session management activity to ElastiCache for Redis and immediately saw a 10x improvement in performance. We’ve been running ElastiCache for the last 2 years and it is something that we don’t even think about anymore, as it has been 100% reliable and highly performant since we put it in service.”

Clark Huang, Chief Technology Officer –

"Swiggy faced the challenge of managing large amounts of feature data when building ML models. In this process, the data grows quickly to billions of  records, with millions being actively retrieved during model inference, all while operating under low latency constraints. Swiggy leveraged ElastiCache as the primary feature store for ML models by building an automated ingestion pipeline and online inferencing engine. Swiggy has benefited from ElastiCache primarily for low latency, multiple data structure support, and a highly scalable system (50 million queries per second). With great support from the ElastiCache team, Swiggy was able to manage the feature store in a cost-effective way."

Soumya Simanta, Vice President, Engineering and ML Platforms – Swiggy

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"Tapjoy's mobile app network spans over 9,000 applications and 250 million global consumers on smartphones and tablet devices. We cache real-time statistics and metadata associated with mobile applications for faster access. Amazon ElastiCache has significantly reduced our exposure to Cache Node failures by continuously monitoring the health of our cache cluster and automatically replacing failed nodes. We are very thrilled about the management capabilities of Amazon ElastiCache and are using it in production to power some of our mission-critical and very high throughput applications."

Ryan Johns, Vice President of Technology - Tapjoy

Team Internet
"One part of our business is real time bidding - therefore we are not only responsive, but also very careful to manage product costs effectively. ElastiCache Redis provides a very easy way to save money - by reducing our database queries up to 95% with simple caching. In addition, we are also able to speed up our entire processing with just a few additional lines of code. The fully managed solution enables our team to focus on the product itself and so we're able to build great products for our customers. We are very happy with the ElastiCache service and would like to try to implement it wherever possible in all our solutions."

Markus Ostertag, Head of Development - Team Internet

“We sell tickets for a number of extremely popular events across the world, so our application demands get very spiky. Amazon ElastiCache provides us the ability to deploy and scale out distributed Cache Clusters in minutes. Moving forward, we intend to use the service to rapidly increase or decrease our cache footprint to meet our application demand. The detailed monitoring capabilities will help us quickly diagnose and fix throughput or latency issues.”
Keith Fitzgerald, Vice President of Engineering – TicketLeap

Tinder is the world's most popular app for meeting new people. It has been downloaded more than 340 million times, available in 190 countries and 40+ languages, and had nearly 5.7 million subscribers as of Q3 2019. In this blog post, explore the motivation and migration strategy Tinder used for adopting Amazon ElastiCache for Redis to achieve immediate gains in scalability and stability.

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"United Airlines, one of the largest airlines globally, relies on a centralized machine learning platform with a feature store at its core. The airline utilizes machine learning models to deliver personalized experiences to customers. With a significant customer base generating millions of daily requests and strict service level agreement requirements for quick response times, selecting the right feature store was crucial. United Airlines selected ElastiCache as its online feature store for serving real-time traffic due to its ability to provide ultra-low latency for millions of customers.
Since features need to be constantly available in-memory and have the latest values for accurate predictions by the ML models, they are stored in a feature store.  ElastiCache verifies that these features are updated as frequently as possible, enabling accurate predictions. An advantage of using ElastiCache is its support for global data stores, allowing the ML model to serve traffic from across multiple AWS Regions. This capability provides a robust and fail-safe plan to serve customers and offer personalized recommendations, such as selecting the right destination or finding the appropriate products during the check-in process. We recommend ElastiCache for real-time traffic scenarios where low latency is essential for serving data efficiently."

Guillermo Garcia, Senior Manager ML Engineering & Kumar Gaurav, Senior Solution Architect – United Airlines

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Wiz helps organizations create secure cloud environments to rapidly identify and remove critical risks. In this blog post, learn how Amazon ElastiCache for Redis helped reduce Wiz's total costs by 30%, improve overall application performance, and right-size its database instances.

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Yahoo is a global media and tech company connecting people to their passions. It reaches almost a billion people worldwide, bringing them closer to what they love - from finance and commerce to gaming and news - with trusted products, content, and tech. In this re:Invent session, learn how Yahoo uses Amazon ElastiCache for Redis and data tiering to process more than 1.3 million advertising data events per second to save up to 50% on their bill and achieve ultra-fast speed at scale.

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“Having the freedom to explore and experiment—we can do so much more today running on AWS as we deliver against our mission to connect the world through games. Using AWS allows Zynga to focus on developing great games, investing in product innovation, and improving player experiences.”

Dorion Carroll, Chief Information Officer – Zynga

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"We use ElastiCache as a core component in our distributed data collection systems that analyze over seven million paid search advertisements a day to protect our customers from brand and trademark abuse by their affiliates and competitors. We had been running Memcached on EC2 but switched to ElastiCache because it freed us from the need to manage our own cache infrastructure. Since ElastiCache is Memcached-compatible, all we had to do to transition was update the cache node endpoints in our system configuration. ElastiCache delivers excellent performance while ensuring our cache nodes remain highly available."

Andy Skalet, CTO – BrandVerity

"We use ElastiCache to cache the user data and maps in ArcGIS, our collaborative web-based mapping application," said , the world's largest provider of Geographic Information Systems software. "ElastiCache is fully-managed and Memcached-compatible which made it easy to integrate, deploy, and monitor a multi-node cache cluster in our production environment. ElastiCache reduced the load on our databases and enabled our service to remain responsive to users, even in the face of rapidly growing traffic."

Andrea Rosso, Senior Architect – Esri


MLBAM uses Amazon ElastiCache to temporarily store game information in memory caches instead of on hard drives, which enables fast retrieval of the data for analysis tasks.

"Amazon ElastiCache will make it very easy for PBS to deploy and manage our distributed Memcached environment. We can have multi-node cache environments configured, up and running in minutes. Amazon ElastiCache also takes care of ongoing administrative functions including failure recovery and patching, allowing us to focus more on delivering great web experiences to our viewers."

Jon Brendsel, Vice President of Product Development – PBS


SmugMug is a hosting and ecommerce platform for photographers.

"At SmugMug, we use self-hosted Memcached clusters that are overprovisioned to handle traffic spikes. Our applications rely on proxies to distribute connections across multiple cache nodes, which makes cluster scaling and node replacement operations challenging and time consuming. With Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, we can instantly scale as our application traffic increases by creating a serverless cache and connecting to a single endpoint. We no longer need to worry about managing the complexities of proxies, availability, scaling, upgrades, or data replication across multiple Availability Zones. Amazon ElastiCache Serverless enables our developers to get started quickly, get to production faster, and operate at our scale without any manual intervention."

Don MacAskill, CEO and Chief Geek – SmugMug and Flickr

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