TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer

Scalable grid and elastic computing on the cloud

TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer can be rapidly deployed on AWS

With the robust processing power and scalable infrastructure of TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer, you can run millions of tasks using tens of millions of data points in parallel for faster results and more precise analysis. Using the concepts of grid computing, tasks are distributed and then, aggregated automatically. GridServer is designed to run grids at an enterprise scale supporting Amazon Linux AMI as well as the PostgreSQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora in order to meet FRTB requirements.  

TIBCO is an AWS Partner and has achieved AWS Competency in Data & Analytics as well as Machine Learning. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

Solution highlights

More than one million CPUs spread across one thousand global installations form enterprise grids managed by TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer

  • Process simultaneous multiple workloads with dynamic scalability on demand
  • Provide market risk calculations and risk-related tasks at the power and speed required for FRTB  
  • Reduce hardware footprints, while maintaining reliability with a state-of-the-art elastic computing framework
  • Provide real-time high-performance computing on demand
  • Support a wide of financial modeling algorithms  
  • TIBCO Grid Clients: The components that submit service requests to the Grid. (Also called Drivers).
  • TIBCO Engines: The processes that host and run services on the Grid nodes.
  • TIBCO Brokers: The component that provides request queuing, scheduling and load-balancing. Brokers are also responsible for managing Engines.
  • TIBCO Directors: The component that assigns Grid Clients and Engines to Brokers based on policy. They manage and load balance Engines across available Brokers

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