MegazoneCloud Fuels 30x Revenue Growth and Helps Customers Innovate with the AWS Managed Service Provider Program

Executive Summary

MegazoneCloud, a leading Korean B2B service platform company, sought to meet customer needs for managed services capabilities. By qualifying for the AWS Managed Service Provider Program, MegazoneCloud has experienced thirtyfold revenue growth and helped customers scale, grow, and innovate.

Partner Success Story – MegazoneCloud

Founded in 2018 by parent company Megazone Corp., MegazoneCloud is one of Korea’s leading cloud technology providers. The company provides end-to-end services including modern consulting, agile build, and managed services and helps thousands of customers attain digital success in the cloud. In 2018, MegazoneCloud decided to go all in on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and became the first AWS Partner in Korea. “We believe cloud is the best technology to drive digital transformation and innovation, and AWS is the right cloud technology provider to support these efforts,” says Seungchan Han, Head of Global Growth at MegazoneCloud.

Over the past several years, MegazoneCloud has sought to respond to customers’ demands for managed services capabilities. “Many of our enterprise customers want to validate our capabilities in managing their cloud applications because they have complex requirements and need proof of a globally audited program,” Han says. “In parallel, we wanted to ensure our managed services offerings stayed ahead of the market.”

“The AWS MSP Program helps us build long-term sustainable growth. Through our involvement in the program, we can continue to invest in next-generation digital capabilities and offerings while meeting our customers’ expectations.”

- Seungchan Han, Head of Global Growth, MegazoneCloud

Providing Comprehensive Services with the AWS MSP Program

MegazoneCloud met its business goals by qualifying for the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program, which validates and promotes AWS Partners who provide managed services on AWS. With an AWS MSP designation, MegazoneCloud can expand and promote its business across four areas: plan and design; build and migrate; run and operate; and optimize. MegazoneCloud qualified for the AWS MSP Program by completing several comprehensive assessments. “It was challenging to pass the initial process, and we continue to have audits to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the program,” says Han. “The AWS MSP Program helps us to provide a more comprehensive service offering to our enterprise customers.”

One of those customers is Woowa Brothers, a leading food delivery company in Korea. Woowa Brothers struggled to manage large volumes of traffic on its application platform, which was hosted in a data center. “Woowa Brothers was growing quickly—there are now 10 million users on its application,” says Han. “Because the company’s service relied on a monolithic architecture, even small spikes in traffic caused performance and scalability challenges. Woowa needed a more scalable, reliable environment as well as a partner to help with the move to the cloud and also manage its environment.”

Building a New Application Environment for a Growing Company

In early 2021, MegazoneCloud helped Woowa Brothers migrate to AWS and shut down its data center. “Woowa Brothers chose AWS because it needed the right platform to ensure scalability while also giving developers the flexibility to innovate more,” Han says. MegazoneCloud created a new environment for the primary Woowa Brothers food delivery application, which now runs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for customer data. Before the migration, MegazoneCloud completed an architectural assessment and configured the new environment. MegazoneCloud also provides managed services, including technical support, for the new Woowa Brothers cloud solution.

By running on AWS, Woowa Brothers can now scale on demand to support its fast growth. Han says, “Woowa Brothers was already the largest food delivery company in Korea, and AWS provides the scalability and reliability the company needs to continue supporting its growth in the long term.”

“The AWS MSP Program helps us to provide a more comprehensive service offering to our enterprise customers.”

- Seungchan Han, Head of Global Growth, MegazoneCloud

Enabling Innovation and Cost Optimization

MegazoneCloud is providing a complete end-to-end service to Woowa Brothers through the AWS MSP designation, offering technical support and development assistance so Woowa Brothers can focus on enhancing its application. For example, MegazoneCloud developers are embedded within the Woowa Brothers application team, helping it create new features. “We are heavily integrated into Woowa Brothers’ business, which helps the company put more resources into its core application development,” says Han. “It has good developers but also wants to provide DevOps resources on additional projects, which we can help with.” 

MegazoneCloud is also actively working with Woowa Brothers to control cloud costs. “Our cost optimization experts engage with Woowa Brothers to analyze cloud usage and recommend the right services for its requirements,” Han says.

Driving 30x Revenue Growth

The AWS partnership has helped MegazoneCloud to achieve thirtyfold growth in revenue since 2015. Additionally, the collaboration has fueled global expansion. “The AWS MSP Program has helped new customers in Japan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong gain awareness of and confidence in our company,” says Han. “We plan to build on this and expand to new markets including Canada and the United States.”

MegazoneCloud also plans to use AWS services to advance its capabilities in emerging technology areas such as data, artificial intelligence, and Software as a Service. “The AWS MSP Program helps us build long-term sustainable growth,” concludes Han. “Through our involvement in the program, we can continue to invest in next-generation digital capabilities and offerings while meeting our customers’ expectations.”

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Based in Seoul, South Korea, MegazoneCloud is dedicated to enabling success for all businesses with the best technology. An AWS Partner since 2012, MegazoneCloud provides a range of digital technologies and services for more than 3,000 enterprises around the world.

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Published February 2022