47Lining is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Big Data Competency designation. We develop big data solutions and deliver big data managed services built from underlying AWS big data building blocks like Amazon Redshift, Kinesis, S3, DynamoDB, Machine Learning and Elastic MapReduce. We help customers build, operate and manage breathtaking “Data Machines” for their data-driven businesses.

47Lining architects solutions that address traditional data warehousing, Internet-of-Things analytics back-ends, predictive analytics and machine learning to open up new business opportunities. We also empower customer teams to scale Amazon Redshift to accommodate billions of records for use cases in multiple industries including energy, life sciences, gaming, financial services and media & entertainment.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift PoC. Our PoC engagement jumpstarts customers with data ingest, transformation and aggregation for analytics. We help frame customer decision processes through development of roadmaps and cost estimates.
  • Amazon Redshift Migration Framework. For customers who are ready to migrate away from legacy warehousing approaches with unattractive price/performance and roadmaps, we offer a holistic framework to migrate data analytics technology and processes that addresses the needs of stakeholders throughout customer organizations.
  • Amazon Redshift “Blackbelt” Optimization. When customers start ingesting millions to billions of rows per day into Amazon Redshift and require up-to-date dashboards, our team of trusted advisors provides optimization and system maintenance services. We infuse customer teams with Amazon Redshift best practices for schema and query optimization, data ingest, data partitioning / orchestration, data retention / retirement and incremental updates.
  • Enterprise Data Lake as a Managed Service. Increasingly, valuable customer data sources are dispersed among on-premise, SaaS providers, partners, 3rd party data providers and public data sets. Our data lake offering unleashes customer analytics that fuse data from multiple on-premise applications, Internet-of-Things data in the field, Software as a Service providers and business partners through a Redshift “lakeshore analytics” paradigm. Our Big Data managed services keeps your data lake and analytics solution healthy, performant and available. Our team of experts will proactively monitor and maintain your Big Data machinery.

Demo (16:30)

  • 47Lining partnered with a gaming customer to scale their Internet-of-Things solution to ingest 1 Billion rows per day into Amazon Redshift Cluster (currently over 100 Billion rows) and double event capacity prior to co-branded movie launch.
  • Our team delivered a predictive analytics solution for a cable channel's OTT platform. The solution combined the power of Amazon Redshift, EMR and Machine Learning to empower our customer to understand their customer segmentation, deliver personalized content recommendations and predict customer churn with 71% accuracy.
  • 47Lining moved FlowEnergy, a provider of HVAC optimization analytics, to a scalable Internet-of-Things collection and ingest flow, reducing complex query times from seventeen minutes to 8 seconds.
  • We de-risked EEDAR’s migration to Amazon Redshift for their gaming industry analytics platform. Through transient Amazon Redshift clusters for data transformation, they no longer needed to provision always-on infrastructure.
  • 47Lining trail blazed BDEX’s migration to Amazon Redshift for data warehousing / analytics. Now their OLTP system is synced with Amazon Redshift and each system can focus on its core strengths.

To learn more about 47Lining’s big data consulting and managed services, please visit: the 47Lining web page or contact our sales team.