Customer Use Cases

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leading global provider of mission-critical communication infrastructure, devices, accessories, software and services. Their products are used by government, public safety and commercial customers to improve public safety while increasing effectiveness of their mobile workforce operations.


Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Our mission is to help people discover the things they love, and inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives. Since then, we’ve helped millions of people around the world find recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try.

"Amazon Rekognition's new video analytic features are impressive. They can, for example, help with search of historical and real time video for persons-of-interest, providing efficiencies and awareness by automating this typically human task."

- Dan Law, Chief Data Scientist, Motorola Solutions

“As a visually-driven platform, Pinterest relies heavily on the speed and quality of images, but the text behind those images is just as important, as it provides context and makes Pins actionable for our 200M+ active Pinners. In working with Amazon Rekognition Text in Image, we can better extract the rich text captured in images at scale and with low latency for the millions of Pins stored in Amazon S3. We look forward to continuing to develop the partnership with AWS for high quality and fast experiences for Pinners and businesses on Pinterest.”

- Vanja Josifovski, CTO, Pinterest

The City of Orlando Police Department is a nationally recognized law enforcement agency that is focused on the safety of our residents, visitors, and businesses. Our job is to protect the citizens of Orlando.


ARMED™ is dedicated to the development and integration of cutting-edge technology to combat acts of political violence, terrorism, organized criminal activities, and insider threats.

"The City of Orlando is excited to work with Amazon to pilot the latest in public safety software through a unique, first-of-it's-kind public-private partnership. Through the pilot, Orlando will utilize Amazon’s Rekognition Video and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams technology in a way that will use existing City resources to provide real-time detection and notification of persons-of-interests, further increasing public safety, and operational efficiency opportunities for the City of Orlando and other cities across the nation."

- John Mina, Police Chief, City of Orlando

“Our specialty is on safeguarding major events in the face of increasing complex and malevolent environments. Amazon Rekognition powers ARMED™’s Data Fusion System, providing a real-time ability to track individuals in video streams and recognize persons of interest. These capabilities enable predictive analytics that supply security specialists with immediate and potentially life-saving information. We’re excited to be working with the Rekognition team in developing a world-class platform that provides security organizations and clients with enhanced situational awareness.”

- Shaun Mccarthy, CEO, ARMED Inc.

Scripps Networks

Scripps Networks Interactive is a leading developer of engaging lifestyle content in the home, food and travel categories for television, the internet and emerging platforms.

Open Influence

Open Influence is a market leader in the influencer marketing space. Their advanced technology solutions and award-winning services allow global brands and agencies to identify relevant influencers based on their campaign objectives, while effectively predicting and monitoring campaign performance.

“Licensing media assets is essential to Scripps Networks, Interactive. Consistent and accurate media metadata enables our enterprise and customers to quickly find what they want. Human-based metadata tagging is time-consuming and tedious, and productivity and efficiency can be greatly increased through automation. Amazon Rekognition enables us to quickly and efficiently add value through various automated metadata tagging processes, and images and video segments are much easier to find for our enterprise and our customers. This allows us to increase cycle times, productivity, and efficiency, and adds revenue opportunities that benefit our bottom line”.  

- Shane Murphy, Solutions Engineer, Scripps Networks

“We index a colossal amount of social data every day.  Through our partnership with Rekognition, we are able to deploy real-time visual search into our existing influencer search engine. This has added incredible value to our business and to our clients. In our first week of use, we ran Rekognition against tens of millions of social images. After running a handful of samples to determine the accuracy of the label detection, we found our confidence level to be extremely high compared to other image recognition platforms we evaluated. Amazon tools allow us to maintain our edge as the technology leader in the influencer marketing space."  

- Micky Dionisio, CTO, Open Influence


Soul Platform makes building dating apps easy. Their customizable cloud back-end platform includes features such as user registration, flexible matching, chats, media and data storage, in-app support, push notifications, and analytics.


Butterfleye is a cordless security camera for business and home. We develop security platforms that combine activity-based recording, facial recognition and military-grade technology to decide when to record and when to disarm, placing our products at the optimal intersection of security and privacy.

"We abide by very strict policies on user-generated content in apps, requiring developers to provide a method for filtering objectionable material from being posted, blocking offensive users, and quickly respond to reported content. With Amazon Rekognition, we are able to detect objectionable content before it’s posted while minimizing the need of human involvement. Now our customers can enable automatic image moderation in their Soul-powered apps at the flick of a switch."

- Alexey Strelkov, Co-founder, Soul

“Butterfleye’s mission is to deliver a smart security camera, with real time alerts. Amazon Rekognition Video’s real-time face recognition from video live stream will allow us to provide accurate and critical alerts back to our customers. The simple API makes integration with our smart platform fast and easy.”

- Govind Vaidya, VP of Software Engineering, Butterfleye Inc.


Utility provides mobile resource management communications technology and services that allow utility, first responder and transit organizations to command, control and support mobile field operations.

Washington County Sheriff Office

The Washington County Sheriff Office is the primary first responders for 911 calls from citizens in urban and rural areas, and also provide other services countywide that support city police departments, including crime scene specialists, major crime investigators, and sex offender compliance checks.

"Amazon Rekognition video enables us to run proximity ​search within our AVaiLWEB application ​for persons of interest (including missing persons) from a live stream video as well as previously recorded incidents. This service, when coupled with BodyWorn's live streaming capability, dramatically decreases​ the time needed to act and provides a valuable situational awareness tool for law enforcement."

- Simon Araya, CTO, Utility

“Amazon Rekognition has greatly increased the ability of our law enforcement officers to act quickly and decisively. We were able to index more than 300,000 photo records within 1-2 days, and the identification time of suspects went from 2-3 days down to minutes. Within one week of going live, the solution built on Rekognition identified a suspect for a cold case that led to an arrest through due process.”

- Chris Adzima, Sr. Information Systems Analyst, Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Marinus Analytics

Marinus Analytics provides law enforcement with tools, founded in artificial intelligence, to turn big data into actionable intelligence. The Marinus flagship software, Traffic Jam, is a suite of tools for use by law enforcement agencies on sex trafficking investigations.


C-SPAN is a public service that provides gavel-to-gavel proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and to other forums where public policy is discussed, debated and decided––all without editing. With 3 network stations and 5 other video feeds, there is a lot of content that must be indexed and made searchable.

“Law enforcement needs sophisticated tools to foster victim-oriented policing in the age of the Internet. Law enforcement knew that runaway children are among the most likely to be trafficked. Before using Amazon Rekognition, their only recourse was to manually sift through online data to try to find them; this was time-intensive or not possible. Now with Traffic Jam’s FaceSearch, powered by Amazon Rekognition, investigators are able to take effective action by searching through millions of records in seconds to find victims.”

- Emily Kennedy, CEO and Founder, Marinus Analytics

"By using Amazon Rekognition, we are able to tag who is speaking / on camera at what time down to the second, if needed. Rekognition allows us to index twice as much content as we do currently - from 3500 hours a year to 7500 hours a year which would allow us to index 100% of our first run content and it was shockingly easy to set up, even with 97,000 entities from our database.”  

- Alan Cloutier, Technical Manager, C-SPAN Archives

Go Girl

Happy Snap, from Go Girl Apps, is a find-and-seek adventure mobile app, designed by kids for kids, that encourages children to search, explore, and actively learn about objects in the world around them.

The Take

TheTake works with movie studios and TV networks to make their content shoppable, which enables viewers to identify and buy the products they see on screen.

"We needed the best possible image recognition and labeling solution and after testing many products, Amazon Rekognition was by far the fastest and most reliable."

- Rebecca Skinner, Founder, Go Girl Apps

"Amazon Rekognition allows us to scalably identify and track actors across millions of frames of content with much higher reliability than any other solution we've used."  

- Jared Browarnik, Co-Founder and CTO, TheTake


Witlee is the premier provider of contextualized product recommendations for publishers. Their solution effectively connects product discovery and purchase at the point of inspiration.


Artfinder is an online art marketplace, allowing thousands of artists to sell directly to buyers. Artfinder can match its customers with art they will love with their recommendation tools built on AWS.

"Amazon Rekognition allows us to quickly and reliably classify our large product inventory. We tested many solutions, and Amazon Rekognition was the clear winner for speed, ease of use, and price. It was also very easy to integrate Rekognition into our existing AWS solution with its API model."

- Drew Schulz, Co-founder and CTO, Witlee

"AWS gives us state-of-the-art applications like Amazon Rekognition that make our business possible. I got a prototype of our service up and running within four hours and into production within a week."

- David Tilleyshort, CTO, Artfinder


FamilySearch is the largest genealogical organization in the world and is dedicated to connecting families across generations.

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies powers mapping, navigation, and location solutions for enterprise customers. Their mission is to create a digital representation of reality to radically improve the way everyone and everything lives, moves, and interacts.

"FamilySearch developed 'Compare-a-Face' using Rekognition to help site users see which of their ancestors they most resemble based on family photographs. Rekognition was used to provide an engaging experience that helped people relate to their forbearers in a new way. We look forward to using Amazon Rekognition in the future for other potential face matching experiences."

- Tom Creighton, CTO and Lead Architect, FamilySearch

“We use Amazon Rekognition to enrich our mapping content. Rekognition’s Text in Image allows us to continually update signage information so our customers have the latest information at their fingertips. We look forward to continuing our partnership with AWS and implementing their computer vision solutions in more of our products.”

- Rajkumar Jain, Director of Engineering, HERE Technologies


Influential is a premier AI powered influencer marketplace. Influential eliminates the pain point of identifying influencers by leveraging AI and machine learning to suggest influencers through actionable insights and predictive intelligence.


Limbik is the first Data Studio for short-form video. Using artificial intelligence, Limbik has developed a set of technology-enabled processes to predict what content will be successful, with the attributes that perform and the analytics explaining why.

"In addition to our in-house AI/ML algorithms, we partner with third parties to enrich our datasets in order to better facilitate influencer sourcing. Amazon Rekognition object and scene detection allows us to better segment our influencer population into specific verticals and topics based on what media they post alongside their social media content. By extending our search capabilities beyond just text, we allow for better training of our Brand Match Score, which when combined with Rekognition’s user-friendly tags & labels increase our hit-rate on user queries by over 200%."

- Piotr Tomasik, CTO, Influential

“Amazon Rekognition is a key aspect of Limbik Annotate, our video analysis stack that leverages machine learning and human analysis to identify key attributes of short-form video content. Having evaluated multiple third-party video annotation services, Rekognition is the most precise, efficient and seamless to integrate as part of a broader video analysis process.”

- Zach Schwitzky, CEO and Co-founder, Limbik


POPSUGAR Inc. is a global media and technology company that delivers multi-platform content to a global audience of over 400 million.


Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes white pages listings, public records, and social network information into simple profiles to help users safely find and learn about people.

“We use Amazon Rekognition to identify celebrities in our huge digital asset library. Amazon Rekognition enabled us to stop manually tagging thousands of photos and provides us with much needed automation for our ever-growing library.”

- Bjorn Pave, Sr. Director of IT, POPSUGAR

“Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to quickly search for similar faces within large collections that may contain millions of face templates. Rekognition includes useful features like emotion and age estimation in addition to highly accurate face detection and matching. For Spokeo, having access to this level of quality without worrying about scalability or administration means we can focus more time on our core business.”

- Eric Liang, CIO, Spokeo


VidMob is a technology platform that connects marketers with a global network of expert editors, animators, and motion graphic designers.

“Performance data isn’t a problem, but understanding why certain creative assets work better than others, and then having the ability to act on that information is. By building VidMob’s Agile Creative Suite™ on top of Amazon Rekognition, we are addressing two of the most significant marketer pain points. To date, our Agile Creative Suite has analyzed over 40,000 creative assets with Rekognition. The granularity of the data from Rekognition allows us to surface incredible insights for our clients, and enables them to see their content in a whole new way.”

- Alex Collmer, CEO and Founder, VidMob

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