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Courses on fundamentals

An overview of key features and benefits, and how to build computer vision applications

Explore key features and get a product demonstration

(8 minutes)

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Hands-on Rekognition: Automated image and video analysis

(15 minutes)

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Building computer vision based smart applications

(30 minutes)

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Getting started tutorials

Step-by-step guides for getting started with Amazon Rekognition

Analyze video & extract metadata

Detect, analyze, & compare faces

Detect custom objects in images


Get hands-on experience with Amazon Rekognition

Developer guides

Product overview, instructions for using the features, and complete API reference for developers

Amazon Rekognition Developer Guide


Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels Developer Guide


Use case videos

Amazon Rekognition overview

Two-minute overview of Amazon Rekognition
What is Amazon Rekognition? (1:42)

Key use cases and functionality

An overview of key use cases, related features, and benefits
Content moderation (36:09)
Custom Labels (57:15)
Identity verification (17:03)
Online exam invigilation (11:24)
Streamlining media content operations with AI (30:02)

Deploy solutions

GitHub templates to accelerate solution deployment
  • Image and video analysis
  • Solution Get Started
    Reference architecture for large scale image and video processing using Amazon Rekognition. GitHub
  • Media and marketing
  • Solution Get Started
    Media Insights Engine - a framework for building applications that process video, images, audio, and text on AWS. GitHub
    Detect video segments such as Black Frames, End Credits, and Color Bars using the Amazon Rekognition SegmentDetection and TechnicalCues APIs. GitHub
    Calculate and display audience engagement levels using the Amazon Rekognition Faces APIs. GitHub
    Media2Cloud - framework for ingesting video assets with AI/ML enhanced metadata GitHub
    Finding opportunities for overlay Ad placements in videos using Amazon Rekognition Text in video API. GitHub
    Identify and detect specific brands in videos and images using Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels.
  • Custom Labels
  • Solution Get Started
    Cost-optimized batch processing of images using Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels. GitHub
    Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels demo solution. GitHub
    Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels model feedback solution.
  • Online exam invigilation
  • Solution Get Started
    Reference architecture for online exam invigilation using Amazon Rekognition Faces, Labels, and Text APIs. GitHub
  • Workplace safety
  • Solution Get Started
    Process frames from cameras to detect Personal Protective Equipment such as helmet, gloves, and masks using DetectProtectiveEquipment API. GitHub
    Detect a specific Personal Protective Equipment such as high visibility vest and safety goggles using Custom Labels.


Amazon Rekognition introduces Streaming Video Events to provide real-time alerts on live video streams

Abode uses Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events to provide real-time notifications to their smart home customers

3xLOGIC uses Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events to provide intelligent video analytics on live video streams to monitoring agents

Amazon Rekognition adds support for six new content moderation categories

Announcing Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

Streamline content preparation and quality control for VOD platforms using Amazon Rekognition Video

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