AWS re:Post Private

Knowledge service to accelerate cloud adoption and increase developer productivity


Streamline collaboration and knowledge sharing within your organization's cloud community.
Improve productivity with access to centralized, scalable knowledge resources for your organization.
Up-level skills and accelerate onboarding with access to curated training and technical content from AWS.
Convert AWS Support cases into reusable knowledge resources for your organization.

Product description

AWS re:Post Private is your own private space to collaborate within your company and with AWS. With re:Post Private, it is easier for you to build an organization-specific cloud community that drives efficiencies at scale and provides access to valuable knowledge resources. Additionally, re:Post Private centralizes trusted AWS technical content and offers private discussion forums to improve how your teams collaborate internally—and with AWS—to remove technical obstacles, accelerate innovation, and scale more efficiently in the cloud.

Use cases

Drive innovation with an enterprise-ready cloud community to increase knowledge and collaboration within your company and with AWS teams. 

Combine the benefits of community discussion forums with curated content from AWS to drive efficiencies and expand your organization's access to cloud knowledge resources.

Centrally house curated onboarding and training material to speed up new employee orientation and up-level employee skills on an ongoing basis. 

Convert a discussion thread into a support case, and centralize AWS Support responses for your organization’s cloud community.

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