Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS Pricing

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) provides a managed OpenShift experience integrated with AWS. The total cost of ROSA consists of two components: ROSA service fees and AWS infrastructure fees.

ROSA service fees  accrue on demand, at an hourly rate of $0.171 per 4 vCPU used by worker nodes. In addition to the worker node service fee, ROSA with hosted control planes (HCP) clusters incur a $0.25 per hour cluster fee. ROSA service fee contracts for 1-year and 3-year terms* offer savings between 33% and 55% off the on-demand service fees for worker nodes. ROSA service fees are uniform across all supported AWS standard Regions.

ROSA Worker Node Service Fees Yearly Cost On-demand With 1-year contract With 3-year contract*
Worker Node Fee Per 4 vCPU/Year $1500 $1000 $667

Service fee discounts are available to customers migrating existing Red Hat OpenShift and select IBM workloads to ROSA. See details below.

AWS infrastructure fees include fees for the underlying worker nodes, infrastructure nodes, control plane nodes, storage, and network. The minimal Amazon EC2 footprint for a multi-Availability Zone (AZ) ROSA deployment consists of 3 worker nodes, 3 infrastructure nodes, and 3 control plane nodes. For a deployment to a single-AZ, the minimal footprint shrinks to 2 worker nodes, 2 infrastructure nodes, and 3 control plane nodes. Control plane and infrastructure node sizing depends on the number of worker nodes in a cluster. See discussion on Limits and Scalability in the ROSA documentation. In addition to fees for the cluster components mentioned above, multi-AZ ROSA clusters incur fees for data transferred between nodes. Data transfer fees increase as nodes are added to the cluster. Information on fees for in-region data transfer is documented here. AWS infrastructure fees vary by Region. Use the AWS Pricing Calculator to estimate the cost of planned infrastructure in your preferred Region.

Pricing examples

* 3-year contracts are not yet available through the AWS console but can be obtained by contacting

** Does not include the cost of AWS services other than Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS. Please see Provisioned AWS Infrastructure for more details about what is provisioned.

Discounts for existing Red Hat OpenShift and IBM customers

Customers migrating non-ROSA OpenShift workloads to ROSA are eligible for a 75% discount off the ROSA service fee 1-year contract rate over the remaining term of their non-ROSA OpenShift subscriptions. To learn more about IBM workload discounts or obtain an OpenShift migration discount, contact

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