Amazon S3 is “Storage for the Internet” and provides simple web services interfaces that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Web. Amazon S3 is building some of the largest distributed systems in the world to provide a pioneering Storage Web Service. We are looking for passionate, experienced professionals to join us as we continue to lead the industry.

Come work on Amazon S3 if you want to solve hard problems, work with smart people, and have fun.

Are you a tenacious, ambitious, self-starter with a passion for the cloud storage market? Amazon S3 is looking for people who excel in fast-paced, small-team environments. The Amazon Web Services business requires innovative thinking balanced with a strong customer and quality focus.

As an Amazon S3 Software Developer Manager, you will work on distributed computing challenges that only appear at the massive scale of Amazon S3. Your teams will be formed by a mix of new and experienced engineers, working closely together in agile development practices to deliver the largest commercial storage system in the world. Your day will be a combination of deep diving into technical details of your latest feature or architectural improvement, definition and shaping of your team's product roadmap, and vigilance for the operational experience for your customers. Amazon S3 Software Development Managers get to wear many hats, all in the name of Ownership. If relentless curiosity about the unknown drives you, along with a commitment to quality and customer experience, you will find a home (and many others like you) here on Amazon S3. For more information, email us at

As an Amazon S3 Software Engineer you will be evolving the implementation of the dominant cloud storage platform on the Internet. We are solving challenging problems to allow our customers to easily and reliably access petabytes of durable storage. We’re looking for rock-star developers to work on AJAX-based web applications that let customers access and manage their Amazon S3 storage with a point-and-click, web-based user interface. We’re looking for experienced, senior engineers with experience with large, distributed systems to provide technical leadership across Amazon S3, from the API to the Storage subsystems. To apply, please email your resume to

As an Amazon S3 Technical Program Manager you will drive the next stage of growth for the service. Are you passionate about how cloud services are reshaping the technology industry? You will be working with the leadership team to define strategy and requirements, and leading development teams from design through delivery. This position involves regular communication with senior management on design decisions, status and risks. Cross-team coordination, project management and great communication skills are essential. To apply, please email your resume to

Are you the gal (or guy) that everyone turns to for answers around how your Linux systems work, or why they’re slow, or how to monitor or expand them, or how to make them perform better? Do you wish you had time to solidify your scripts and automation, to make them more than just glue that requires regular tinkering to keep the site or product running? You’d probably have more fun working here, because the successful Systems Engineer / Administrator joining the S3 team will do much more than that. You will be instrumental in applying your deep knowledge of scale, scripting, and systems administration, to deploy, operate, and continue to scale our massive always-on sets of distributed systems. Sound cool? Get in here! To apply, please email your resume to

As an Amazon S3 Product Manager you will help define and drive the product strategy and roadmap that will help us grow the business from start-up to the leader in customer satisfaction, operational performance and market segment share. Responsibilities include large-scale projects and initiatives to further grow the S3 business in current and adjacent markets. This is a highly visible position that will interact at all levels of the AWS and business. To apply, please email your resume to

Applying is easy. Simply, submit your resume to the address mentioned in the sections above. Alternatively, please visit AWS Careers home page for all AWS career opportunities.