“Amazon Security Lake simplifies the process of ingesting and analyzing all our security-related log and findings data into a single data lake, strengthening our enterprise-level security and governance practices. This streamlined approach has enhanced our ability to identify and address potential issues within our environment more effectively, enabling us to proactively implement mitigations based on insights derived from the service.”

Justin McDowell, Associate Director for Enterprise Cloud Services at Carrier

Volkwagen Financial Services

Volkswagen Financial Services

“Amazon Security Lake makes it easy to centralize all of our security-related log and findings data into a single data lake, providing us with a comprehensive overview. This has made it easier for us to address a variety of security monitoring use cases and improve the protection of our workloads, applications, and data.”

Crispin Weißfuß, Global AWS Platform Owner, Volkswagen Financial Services



“We find Amazon Security Lake to be an indispensable asset that improves our overall security posture and are excited the service is now generally available. Amazon Security Lake significantly streamlines our security operations, allowing our teams to efficiently tackle security monitoring use cases, ultimately fortifying our workloads, applications, and data. Amazon Security Lake helps us reduce administrative overhead in critical environments, enabling us to focus on tasks with the highest value to our business.”

Pedro Fangueiro, CISO, Jumia 



“Managing and analyzing security logs and findings for CloudTrail, VPC, Route53, and AWS Security Hub across our hybrid enterprise posed a significant challenge. We started using Amazon Security Lake to help us normalize the security logs and findings, and enables us to swiftly and accurately feed this information to a SIEM with minimal operational overhead. Amazon Security Lake will help Novozymes spend more time on more impactful work like safeguarding the planet’s resources.”

Jacob Kofod, Cloud Architect, Novozymes



“RockITek leverages Amazon Security Lake not only to create a centralized data lake to store all our security data, but allows us to investigate our security incidents and automate incident response across our entire platform. We’ve also found great value in adding custom application and security telemetry from our platform into Security Lake, giving us the entire platform view and providing a tenant specific SaaS view into our security posture. Doing this in a secure, serverless architecture really helps move toward a more simplified automated SOC concept, reducing our costs and improving outcomes for our entire platform ecosystem.”

Darren House, CTO, RockITek



“By using AWS Security Hub to ensure compliance with the industry’s primary security standards, we recognize the immense value of adding Amazon Security Lake into our infrastructure. With Security Lake, we can effortlessly centralize all security events by unifying their format for streamlined security analytics. Also, the ability to store the data in Amazon S3 buckets allows this information to be transformed through an ETL to integrate with other information exploitation tools. This enables us to feed our SIEM or implement Amazon OpenSearch Service to perform accurate correlation analysis and visualization of these security events."

Leandro Vecchiarelli, VP of Engineering, tapi



“Amazon Security Lake has streamlined the process of collecting our security-related findings and logs into a single OCSF format. This has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort required by our security engineers.”

Kanazawa Yasumichi, Security Engineer, Kanmu

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