Enable Productive, Efficient, and Secure Remote Work with the Cloud

A work from anywhere policy has become an employee expectation—and a strategic necessity to access a larger talent pool, improve productivity, and increase operational efficiencies. But there are obstacles to realizing the benefits of a hybrid work model—from balancing productivity and flexibility, to managing diverse requirements for different types of works, to monitoring, maintaining and securing devices. This can be daunting for organizations with limited budgets and IT resources. That’s why cloud has emerged as a viable and affordable solution for business of all sizes who want to ensure their employees can access the tools they need to be productive—safely and efficiently—from wherever they are working.

With this eBook, you will learn:

  • How cloud solutions can help remote and hybrid workers maximize productivity
  • How to help employees work, collaborate, and communicate securely from any location
  • What to consider when implementing permanent remote work solutions
  • The advantages of using AWS for remote work solutions
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