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Topics: Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Building a More Sustainable World with CarbonCure

April 2022

About the Episode 

Buildings are one of the leading generators of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. But using new technologies, organizations can reduce a new building’s carbon footprint and build for a sustainable future. To learn more about how the cloud is helping to pave the way for a greener world, the Fix This team chatted with Brad Vickers, senior director of engineering digital technologies at CarbonCure. Brad shares how CarbonCure aims to reimagine the way corporations around the world create and source concrete, a necessary building material. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS), CarbonCure helps customers use data analytics to discover insights to build more sustainably. CarbonCure is a signatory of The Climate Pledge and has been invested in by Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund. It is also involved in the buildout of Amazon HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia. 

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Guest Speaker

Brad Vickers Headshot
Brad Vickers Headshot

Brad Vickers

Brad Vickers is senior director of engineering at CarbonCure Technologies. In 2014, he joined the carbon removal technology company that has developed easy-to-adopt solutions that enable concrete producers to use captured carbon to produce reliable, low carbon concrete mixes and achieve market differentiation.


00:32 - Re-engineering concrete to reduce a building’s carbon footprint
01:59 - CarbonCure’s approach to concrete
02:47 - Driving collaboration between concrete producers and the design community

04:15 - How sustainability can impact and improve the concrete industry
06:08 - Amazon QuickSight powers myCarbonCure to turn data into insights
12:00 - Simple steps companies can take to lower their carbon footprint

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