AWS Lambda gives us consistent processing and computing for tasks that are core to our system, we just keep finding more ways to use it.
Michael De Lorenzo CTO

CMP.LY, a New York-based startup, offers proprietary social media monitoring, measurement, insight, and compliance solutions for Fortune 100 financial services, automotive, and consumer packaged goods companies, as well as leading advertising, social, and PR agencies.

  • The company’s infrastructure could not process the scale and variety of inbound traffic data from a range of social media platforms fast enough to maintain low queue times.
  • Needed to be able to process up to tens of thousands of inbound traffic requests, and run up to millions of compute functions per hour to enable the company to deliver its customers with real-time insights.
  • Needed to find a solution that would properly integrate with its use of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), and Amazon Kinesis.

  • Leverages AWS Lambda to process inbound traffic from social media platforms within milliseconds of arrival and greatly reduce delays in the CMP.LY’s traffic queue.
  • Automatically scales to support inbound traffic increases without requiring its staff to provision and maintain additional IT resources.
  • CMP.LY integrates with event triggers from Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon SQS to process incoming traffic data as it arrives.

  • Uploaded its existing code to AWS Lambda in a matter of days without having to write additional code.
  • By using AWS Lambda, CMP.LY can easily scale to manage the inbound traffic and improve the ability of CommandPost to deliver real-time social analytics to its customers. “With Lambda we now have consistent processing and computing for the short tasks that are core to our system. Easy scaling from AWS allows us to do that without worrying about managing infrastructure,” says De Lorenzo.
  • By using AWS Lambda, CMP.LY significantly reduced its server maintenance needs and reports that they improved the overall solution performance. “Offloading the management of the compute infrastructure and having it fit seamlessly into our existing AWS services has cut down on the maintenance of our system. Lambda just made sense for us, and we just keep finding new ways to use it,” says De Lorenzo.

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